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5 reasons to join Stryker's Regulatory Affairs team

Updated: May 31

Have you ever wanted to work for a global company where you can work-cross functionally on a variety of projects while solving complex problems that make a difference? Good news – at Stryker, this is exactly what our Regulatory Affairs professionals get to do.   

Our Regulatory Affairs team is passionate about protecting our customers and their patients while providing innovative products and services that meet regulatory requirements through our effective quality systems.  In addition to meaningful work, we provide our teams the opportunity to learn new things and continue to develop their careers.  

Here are 5 reasons to join Stryker’s Regulatory Affairs team  

1. Opportunities for career development  

“At Stryker, no matter where you start in your career, continued development and diverse project teams are what make this workplace one of the best in the industry.”  -  Hannah H. | Staff Regulatory Affairs Specialist | United States  


“What I love most about being a regulatory affair professional at Stryker is the diverse opportunities for growth and development that I have been afforded and the mentorship that has been provided by regulatory and quality leadership.” – Cara C. | Regulatory Affairs Manager | United States  


2. Working with people who care 

“I’m proud to be part of a passionate and committed RAQA team. My colleagues are excited to do their part to provide quality devices for our customers and their patients. “  

Breskella H. | Director, RAQA Compliance | United States 


3. You can explore additional career paths  

“I love that working at Stryker has allowed me to delve into various aspects of regulatory affairs over the years. “-  Ugochi O. | Staff Specialist, Regulatory Affairs | United States  


4. We care about you as a person, not just an employee 

“Stryker’s commitment to one’s personal growth goes hand in hand with their dedication to professional development, they provide a supportive framework that encourages a holistic approach to growth that extends beyond the workplace.” – Vandana S. | Regulatory Affairs Manager | India  


5. Our culture is top-notch  

“My favorite thing about working at Stryker is the people and the culture. I love the connections I’ve made and how involved I’ve been able to be at work. “ Olivia S. | Regulatory Affairs Specialist | United States  

Ready to grow your career at Stryker?

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