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12 reasons to love Stryker

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

At the heart of what we do and believe is making healthcare better. We do this by collaborating with our customers to develop innovative products and services that ultimately improve the lives of patients. This is expressed through our mission: Together with our customers, we are driven to make healthcare better, which is delivered by our people each and every day. Here are 12 reasons you’ll love our company.

1. We are driven to make healthcare better

We love to share, read and hear about the patients whose quality of life has been restored by our products, and about surgeons who can better serve their patients because of what we do. These powerful stories inspire us.

2. Our engaged, passionate, and talented people

We have a strength-based talent philosophy to ensure a great fit.

3. We celebrate both team and individual successes

Employees tell us repeatedly that our recognition programs and informal acknowledgements inspire them and build loyalty, commitment and attachment to Stryker.

4. We offer valuable and competitive reward programs

A majority of our employees hold equity in Stryker through a combination of long-term stock awards plans, 401(k) matching contributions in Stryker funds or participate in a discounted employee stock purchase plan.

5. We value and support diversity and inclusion

We understand that attracting and empowering a diverse team is critical for the success of our business, and we take steps to ensure that our workplace is inclusive.

6. We donate time, funds and products to support humanitarian missions

We support philanthropic initiatives around the world and in our local communities as well as take care of the environment.

7. We encourage fun, friendship and camaraderie

Our employees know how to have fun. We enjoy spending time together and find many ways – both planned and spontaneous – to celebrate with each other.

8. We take care of each other like family

We are like family, and our employees support and care for one another even without the company’s involvement.

9. The health and well-being of our employees is important to us

We focus on results rather than hours worked and allow employees the freedom and flexibility to balance their work and their lives.

10. We involve employees in the decision-making process

Employees brainstorm team goals together and see their ideas brought to life.

11. We keep our employees informed about company performance

We believe that all employees need to know how the business is performing. All of our leaders, from the CEO to line managers, share important information about our business and other news across the organization.

12. We want you to succeed

We provide on-the-job growth experiences through stretch assignments and opportunities to work on projects within and across other functions and divisions.


Interested in joining our family?

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