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4 ways to utilize your nursing experience at Stryker

Updated: Apr 11

Searching for a unique path to leverage your nursing degree and experience beyond traditional roles? Stryker is your answer! We've heard from numerous nurses among our ranks who've discovered their dream careers here, all while making the most of their clinical expertise at Stryker.

Here are 4 ways to utilize your nursing experience at Stryker

1. Medical Education

Stryker is on the hunt for dedicated achievers ready to lead surgeon education programs and connect with our healthcare professional (HCP) consultants. With their hands-on medical device experience and ease in navigating clinical discussions, nurses are standout candidates for our medical education positions. Are you ready to go to the head of the class? Visit our careers page and explore Medical Education opportunities.

2. Clinical roles

Clinical positions at Stryker offer vital product support to our end users, alongside on-the-ground guidance and assistance during surgical operations. Nurses and scrub techs are ideal for these roles, as you'll be instructing other nurses and staff on product usage, leveraging your insight into their needs and expectations. If this sounds like a fit for you, visit our careers page and explore Clinical Specialist, Mako Product Specialist or Onsite Specialist opportunities.

3. Sales

The field of medical device sales is both highly competitive and incredibly rewarding, attracting numerous individuals eager to make their mark in the industry. As a nurse, your distinctive experience grants you immediate credibility the moment you step into a hospital. Your deep understanding of customer needs and ability to engage in clinical discussions foster stronger, more effective relationships with clients. Does this sound exciting to you? Visit our careers page and explore open Sales opportunities.

4. Marketing

As a nurse, you inherently grasp our customers' needs, positioning you as an exceptional

candidate for a role on our marketing team. Your insight will be invaluable as you connect with our customers, guiding them towards achieving their objectives. Ready to pivot to marketing? Head over to our careers page and check out our Marketing opportunities.


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