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4 flexible ways of working at Stryker

Updated: Feb 7, 2022

Over the course of the last two years, one thing has become increasingly clear: the need for workplaces to offer flexibility has never been greater. Between working without childcare, taking care of sick family members, or pursuing additional passions, it can be difficult to balance competing priorities in a traditional 9-5 office job.

At Stryker, one of our core values is our people. We are committed to attracting and retaining great people who are passionate about our mission of making healthcare better. In order to attract, retain, and help ensure our teams happiness and mental health, each of our businesses is empowered to maximize productivity and engagement with virtual and flexible ways of working. We trust our people and their teams to determine appropriate ways of working that meet individual and business needs.

At Stryker, our employees and managers are enabled with tools and skills to be efficient, effective, and engaged in a virtual and flexible environment. We want you to plan your day your way. Focusing on your needs, we are excited to support you further by launching four models of flexible work.

  • Remote: Roles in this category give you the opportunity to work from an alternate workplace for the majority or 100% of the time.

  • Field-based: You will work a majority to 100% of the time at customer facilities and have a set territory or expectation to travel within a set boundary.

  • On-site: This option has you working 100% at a Stryker location, though some flexibility may be possible depending on the role, level and job requirements.

  • Hybrid: This model allows you to work at both an alternate workplace and a Stryker location. Roles that are partially remote or co-located would qualify as hybrid, and the expectation to be on site would be defined and agreed upon by your manager/supervisor.

Meet 6 members of our team who are working in each of the work flexibility models



Meta M., Talent Intelligence Manager | United States

Why do I love my remote job at Stryker??? In the last 12 months I have worked in 7 different states (Illinois, Wisconsin, California, Minnesota, Pennsylvania, DC/Maryland, Virginia).

I have been able to catch up and spend quality time with friends and family, discover new places, and make new connections; all while working full-time.

Pictured: My daughter and I on our way to Redwood National Forest in August 2021.



Anne K., Junior Sales Representative | Germany

“I have been working as a field-based Sales Rep for the last two and a half years with Stryker. I really like the working environment and the flexibility the job offers. For me organizing my own work schedule helps me to stay focused and to learn a lot about myself. Being able to work remotely from home and in the field helps to get a lot of work done between meetings with clients. I do not want to change to a job where I need to be in office from 8 to 5 as it seems to me very monotonous, and I like the new challenge and adaptation to clients’ needs every day.”

Alexander T., Senior Sales Representative | Germany

“As a Sales Rep, being flexible is essential to meet both my customer and the company’s expectations. Working in the field allows me the flexibility to adjust my day as my priorities change. For example: If a customer calls with an urgent issue that needs to be solved immediately, as a Sales Rep, I need to react instantly, or risk losing a customer. I have the ability to rearrange my day and put time where it is needed. “

Gloria S., Sales Partner | Italy

“To be field-based allows you to find your personal balance between work and private life.

Thanks to my work flexibility, I have the chance to have more time for my hobbies, my passions and above all, my family, without losing focus on my work goals.

Having a good work life balance helped me to keep my performance high, to have fun during my working activities with my peers and to always be collaborative with my team.”



Arvind N., Talent Acquisition Operations Manager | India

“I prefer to work on-site because I enjoy interacting in-person with colleagues and greatly benefit from a dedicated workplace where I can focus uninterruptedly.

Working physically at our offices is also extremely enriching as one gets to experience the passion that each Stryker employee brings to the workspace in our constant endeavor to make healthcare better! This positivity motivates and impacts my work for the better.

Being at the office also means that an occasional break from the laptop often leads to networking with peers over chai at one of our many breakout rooms or catching up for snacks and scrumptious lunch from the in-house food court. Fridays also tend to get fun with occasional team lunch outs.

Lastly, compartmentalizing the time spent at the office and at home means one gets to enjoy dedicated time with family at the end of each day without any tasks left open or pending; all adding to one’s overall wellbeing!”

Sumit P., Sr. Principal Engineer| India

"Even before the pandemic, Stryker provided a flexible workplace. During the pandemic, Stryker's flexible workplace allowed me to manage my family and work. We were able to remain safe while continuing our commitment to develop products and make healthcare better.

Once it was safe to do so, our office in India took all the recommended precautions to keep employees safe at work. For me, going to the office gives me access to physical products, develop concepts and build my network with engineers to help spread Stryker's culture."



Jessica H., VP, Senior Division Counsel – Neurovascular Legal Generalist | United States

“Stryker’s flexible work environment gives me the opportunity to balance work, family and personal commitments in the way that works best for me. I am in the office for important meetings and to connect with colleagues in meaningful ways. Knowing that I will only be in the office on certain days means that I am more intentional about using that time to schedule in-person meetings. But many of the business partners I am working with on a daily basis are located around the country or outside the U.S.

Working from home, I can use Teams and other digital tools to accomplish most of my day-to-day work. Commutes in California are long, so the time I save when I am working from home is time that I can spend with my kids or getting out for a walk with the dogs, while also lowering my carbon footprint by spending less time driving.”


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