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4 reasons to become a Mako Product Specialist at Stryker  

Are you ready to help improve healthcare using cutting-edge robotic arm technology? Good news, as a  Mako Product Specialist (MPS) at Stryker – you can.   Our MPS team members support and empower surgeons and operating room staff by being subject matter experts in our product, they champion the adoption of our technology and foster strong, positive relationships that drive the system’s utilization and grow surgical volume.  


Still curious on why you should join the team? Hear directly from Mako Product Specialist team members around the globe on why they love their jobs so much. 


4 reasons to join the Mako Product Specialist team: 

1. We do rewarding work  

“By becoming part of Stryker, individuals can not only contribute to impactful projects but also be part of a community within the healthcare industry. As an MPS at Stryker, I've experienced firsthand the fulfilling sense of purpose and the impact of collaborative efforts on patient care. Joining Stryker offers not just a job, but an opportunity to be part of a team that is dedicated to transforming lives and shaping the future of healthcare.” - Rabia B. | Mako Product Specialist | Türkiye  


“As a Mako product specialist, what I enjoy most is being able to project our mission of improving health care together with our customers. Being an asset to surgeons and hospital staff which in turn can impact patients’ lives is what confirms the great work we do day after day.” - Ruben A. | Senior Mako Product Specialist | Puerto Rico 


2. You’ll have opportunities for career growth 

“I have been given many opportunities to improve myself through Stryker’s MPS training. Even though I didn't have much experience in robot surgery, after joining MPS, there was a wide variety of support that helped me improve my professionalism and grow in my career.” - Yeji L.| Mako Product Specialist | South Korea  


“I started my first career as an engineer and was worried if I would do well in an MPS position. Through training and my previous experience, I realized many of the MPSs were also working with backgrounds in various fields such as site marketing, engineering and nursing. Everyone is making great progress using their own experiences and strengths from previous careers.”  - Roy C. | Senior Mako Product Specialist | South Korea  


3. You’ll work with a supportive team 

“What I like most is working in a company with such a diverse and united culture, all motivated by the same goal – to make healthcare better. I meet specialists from all over the world where we have meetings, where we share experiences, and where we support each other and enrich our knowledge.” – Francisco L. | Mako Product Specialist | Mexico City, Mexico 

“What is most rewarding in my role is the organizational climate. I'm part of a team where we help each other, and we grow together. It’s quite healthy and I would even say – contagious!” – Paula S. | Mako Product Specialist | Brazil 

4. You'll work in a dynamic environment  

“The variety of tasks makes my job as a Mako Product Specialist. I am involved in every process, from pre-planning to surgery, and through the individual planning, I am convinced that we create great added value.”   – Basak A. | Senior Mako Product Specialist | Germany 

“As a Mako Product Specialist, I absolutely love how dynamic my day to day is. I could be working with a surgeon to plan a complex hip or knee replacement, providing clinical guidance during surgery or educating and advising hospital staff and surgeons on our Stryker products and protocols. Working in robotics has offered me the right amount of challenges, innovation and engagement that I've been looking for.” – Monica S. | Mako Product Specialist | United States 

Ready to help make healthcare better as a Mako Product Specialist?  

View open roles and join our award-winning team today!   




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