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4 reasons to join our Clinical Affairs team 

Are you ready to make a real-world impact? Our clinical affairs team is dedicated to advancing medical knowledge while putting patients first. We're not just passionate about trial efficiency, data, quality and delivering value; we are committed to excellence in every facet of our work. Here, your work doesn't just make an impact; it transforms care for caregivers and patients alike, embodying our purpose: Together with our customers, we are driven to make healthcare better.  


Here are 4 reasons to join our clinical affairs team:  

1. You’ll make a meaningful impact   

“What makes working at Stryker unique is the continued effort to support our customers in making the best decisions for their patients based on Clinical Evidence. In true normative and formative form, working at Clinical Affairs puts making healthcare better for our customers on the forefront.”  

–  Dr. Hrishiraj S. | Associate Clinical Research and Affairs | United Kingdom   


2. You’ll be able to learn and innovate 

“Joining our Clinical Affairs team at Stryker Trauma and Extremities is a commitment to perpetual growth. Here, continuous learning is a way of life, where every moment is an opportunity to learn, and innovate. Our dedication to learning ensures that we not only keep pace but lead the way, driving progress and excellence in everything we do." –  Amjad U. | Senior Clinical Study Manager | France 


3. We value our people 

“As one of the Best Places to Work, we love our jobs because we value our people as our greatest assets. Together, we're shaping the future of healthcare, making a meaningful difference alongside our customers. Come be part of a team where your contributions truly count, and where loving what you do is just one of the many reasons to choose Stryker." 

–  Arthur dG.| Director Medical Affairs| Netherlands 


4. Our collaborative environment 

‘’Working on the Clinical Affairs team at Stryker, we are passionate about advancing patient and caregiver outcomes. Our collaborative environment fosters creativity and allows us to contribute to the development of innovative healthcare solutions. With a strong emphasis on integrity and accountability, we take pride in our commitment to ensuring the highest standards of quality and ethics in all aspects of our work. Everyday, we are inspired by the impact our efforts have on the lives of patients and healthcare professionals globally.’’ 

–  Amy O.| Clinical Evaluation Specialist| Netherlands 


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