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4 Reasons to join Quality Assurance at Stryker  

Are you interested in working for a global company where you can work cross-functionally on a wide variety of projects supporting multiple product portfolios? As a Quality Assurance professional at Stryker, that is exactly what you will do! You’ll collaborate and work alongside teams who stand proudly behind our best-in-class quality products that command confidence and evoke an emotional connection to safety, reliability, durability, and effectiveness. 

Our Quality Assurance team is passionate about protecting our customers and their patients while providing innovative products and services that meet regulatory requirements through our effective quality systems.  At Stryker, quality is first in everything we do.  


Want to learn more? Hear directly from our Quality Assurance team on why they love working at Stryker.

4 reasons to join our Quality Assurance team:  

1. You’ll experience our company culture 

“Stryker's company culture so unique because it puts people first. Everyone is incredibly warm and friendly and makes you feel incredibly welcome. Stryker also strives to meet its core values of integrity and accountability while maintaining a high standard of quality policy within Stryker itself.” - Stuart W. | Inspector, Quality | Northern Ireland 

2. You can access career growth opportunities  

“I began my career as a kit assembler back in 2019. The kit room [K Room] is our team that sends out loan equipment to orthopaedics and trauma surgeries across the state of New South Wales. I started my journey checking instruments, and then I worked with implants and outbound freight. The K Room is a hard working, fast paced environment, but it is one of the best teams I've ever been a part of. I highly recommend this work to anyone who wants to start their career in medical devices.” - Bailey D. | Quality Associate | Australia 

3. You’ll join our mission to make healthcare better 

“I have joined the Stryker family almost two years ago as an operation supervisor. I'm very proud to work for Stryker because everyone is driven to make healthcare better. I love to coach, motivate and encourage my team to strive and exceed quality requirements as well as to meet patient demand. Stryker provides each employee with opportunities to grow, expand their knowledge and develop their skills.” - Gintarte V. | Supervisor, Operations | Ireland  


“Working in Quality Assurance is very rewarding. You make a big contributions to ensure customers are receiving safe, high-quality products which have a huge impact on their lives.” - Terry C. | Staff Engineer, Quality NPI | Ireland  

4. You’ll find your people 

“People here support each other. When I joined Stryker, I felt welcomed and part of the team. Stryker helps me develop my strengths, learn, and grow each day through collaborating with various teams and being part of new experiences. I can take ownership of my own growth and development.” - Anne C. | Supervisor, Quality Control | Northern Ireland 

Ready to help make healthcare better as a member of our Quality Assurance team?  

View open roles and join our award-winning team today!   




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