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4 reasons to love field-based work at Stryker

At Stryker, working in the field is far from your typical 9-to-5 desk job—it's a dynamic, impactful and deeply fulfilling journey. Our field team members thrive on direct interactions with healthcare providers, doctors, and patients, playing a crucial role in improving lives across the globe. This is your chance to be at the heart of the action, where every day presents a new challenge, a new learning opportunity and the satisfaction of knowing your work is contributing to advancing healthcare.

Being in the field with Stryker means you're constantly on the move, meeting all kinds of people and experiencing the immediate impact of your work firsthand. It's about building relationships, understanding the unique needs of each healthcare professional and adapting to meet those needs with Stryker's innovative solutions. Field roles are perfect for those who crave variety, seek to challenge the status quo, and are determined to drive change. With Stryker, you're not just joining a team; you're becoming part of a community dedicated to making healthcare better for everyone, everywhere. A few examples of field-based roles include our Field Service teams, OnSite Specialists and Sales Representatives.

Here are 4 reasons to love working in the field at Stryker


1. You can broaden your horizons

“Working in the field allows you to meet so many interesting people and explore local customs and cuisine. In my role, I get to change the face of emergency care. If you want a role where you can meet interesting people while constantly growing your skills and knowledge, a role in the field is perfect for you.” - Adam R. | Senior Sales Representative | Poland

2. You’ll become a part of something bigger

“Even though I am often working alone, I feel like I am part of something much bigger. We stay connected via text, calls, email or our monthly video conferences. I never believed that old cliché about if you find a job you love your will never work a day in your life…I was wrong. I am excited to go to work each and every day.” –  Richard W. | Sr. Field Service Representative | United States

3. Your days are never boring

“When working as a field-based Trauma Sales Representative you are always in a state of motion. A day might include meetings with hospital administrators, sales calls in surgeon offices and conference calls with leadership in coffee shops. The best part of being a field-based employee is that the job never becomes monotonous. My work day is new and different and I love that my working environment gives me new challenges in different places. I have been working as a Stryker Trauma Sales Representative for 18 years now. I couldn't imagine working for another company.” - Brian E. | Trauma Sales Representative | United States

4. Experience rapid growth

Thanks to my work flexibility, I have the chance to have more time for my hobbies, my passions and above all my family without losing focus on my work goals. Having a good work-life balance helps me to keep my performance high, have fun during my working activities and be collaborative with my team. Working in the field gives me the opportunity to meet new people, create networks and work in stimulating environments with different experiences. The process of personal growth is rapid and satisfying!” - Gloria S. | Trauma Sales Partner | Italy


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