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4 reasons to love working on-site at Stryker

At Stryker, our offices aren't just spaces; they're ecosystems engineered for collaboration and comfort while offering you an atmosphere where you're inspired to do your best work. While many of our offices offer state-of-the-art fitness centers, relaxation zones and on-site cafeterias, the real draw of working on-site is our culture. We prioritize building meaningful relationships, and you can feel this across each of our offices; together, we’re united in our mission to make healthcare better.

Here are 4 reasons to love working on-site at Stryker

1. It’s a catalyst for growing relationships

Just like a catalyst, which fast tracks a chemical reaction, coming to office fast tracks the interpersonal and social bonding among my peers and the stakeholders I work with. It gives wings to work I do.” - Abdul Haque A. | Sr. Solution Manager, IT | India

2. You’ll come for the friendships and stay for the perks

“I love working in the office because I get to collaborate with people. I have made such great connections and those connections will carry through my career and beyond.  It is truly something to experience, working with people who are truly driven to make healthcare better! And the onsite amenities like our gym, the café and the pickleball court are awesome and so inviting.” - Tammara J. | Sr. Contract Coordinator | United States

3. You’ll get to collaborate for a shared mission

“What I love most about working onsite is the face-to-face interactions with coworkers. Time working fully remote really made me miss my teammates and the fellowship it brings. We all have a common goal here at Stryker and always strive to put quality first in everything we do.” - Matthew K. | Associate Supervisor, Quality Control | United States

4. The people at Stryker are amazing

“My favorite thing about working in the Anngrove office is how friendly and ready to help everybody is. Whether it is a brief smile and hello, the willingness to answer your question even if it is where a certain room is or holding open doors as you are coming, it really is the people at Stryker that make it such an enjoyable place to work. It is also helped by all the great amenities on site that make it very easy to come in – barista coffee, great food and the opportunity to really get to know your colleagues and those who work around you.” Shona M. | Marketing Associate | Ireland

Ready to find your on-site opportunity at Stryker?

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