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4 reasons to join Stryker in Mahwah, NJ

Updated: Jul 12, 2021

Mahwah, New Jersey is home to Stryker Orthopaedics, with an array of functions including manufacturing/operations, finance, marketing, sales, and distribution. Located just 24 miles north of Newark, Mahwah offers scenic picnic areas, walking paths and several parks and playgrounds; and 30 miles from New York City, which is a great reason to re-locate to the Bergen County area.

stryker mahwah new jersey nj

Our Mahwah office at a glance:

  • Office address: 325 Corporate Dr, Mahwah, NJ 07430

  • Number of employees: 1,600+

  • Main business: Orthopaedics

  • Main function: Supply Chain


Here are 4 reasons to join our family in Mahwah

1. On-site Starbucks and cafeteria

No need to pack your lunch or get in your car and drive to pick up lunch (unless you want to), we have a large, on-site cafeteria and dining area that offers an assortment of food choices daily. You can also skip the break-room coffee and grab your afternoon shot of energy at our on-site Starbucks!

2. On-site fitness center and classes

Our facility includes a full-size gym and every Wednesday, we offer lunch time yoga sessions to improve our employee’s health and wellness.

3. Annual celebrations

stryker mahwah bring your kid to work day

One of our favorite days of the year is ‘Take Your Kids to Work Day’ which is a huge event that our employees look forward to and hundreds of kids attend. Additionally, each year, we help spread holiday cheer around the office through various activities including a luncheon, a cube decorating contest, caroling, and more!

4. Partnership with the Bergen County Center for Food Action (CFA)

stryker mahwah partnership with bergen country center for food action

Our relationship with the Bergen County CFA began over 15 years ago through our support of their annual Thanksgiving food drive, Weekend Snack Pack Program and Smile Pack Program. Stryker believes that by supporting these programs, we help make the Bergen County community stronger.


Fun Fact

The name “Mahwah” is derived from the Lenape word “mawewi” which means “Meeting Place” or “Place Where Paths Meet”.


Interested in joining our family in Mahwah, NJ?

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