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5 reasons to join Stryker’s DRE organization

Updated: Apr 4

Stryker’s Digital, Robotics, and Enabling Technologies organization (or DRE, for short), is looking for talented engineers who want to work on and design products that are improving people's lives!

Here are 5 reasons to join DRE:

1. Enterprise–wide experience

DRE will create and execute an enterprise-wide digital and enabling technology strategy and will affect change across the continuum of care and clinical applications.

2. Solve challenging problems

You will constantly be challenged and will work on a variety of projects.

3. Cutting-edge technology

You will work in a supportive culture with other incredibly talented and intelligent people, creating industry-leading medical technology products.

4. Opportunity to learn and grow

You will have growth opportunities as we have a culture that supports your personal and professional development.

5. Flexibility

We offer a flexible work environment, so you can have the flexibility to deliver your best and most innovative work.

To join our team, check out our current DRE job openings today!



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