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5 tips to get your resume Stryker ready

Updated: Apr 11

You've visited our careers page and found your dream job here at Stryker. Before you hit "apply," let's make sure your resume is as sharp and ready as you are! Here are some of the must-know tips for updating your resume. From highlighting your most relevant experience to showcasing your unique leadership skills, we've got all the insights you need to stand out and make a powerful impression.

Here are 5 tips to get your resume Stryker ready

1. Start with your objective

Tell us why you chose to apply for the job and why you want to work with Stryker. For example, have you always been keen to join the team? Are you looking to grow within the healthcare industry? Do you believe the culture at Stryker to be a good fit?

2. Customize, customize, customize

Research the role that you are applying to and tailor your resume to it. Show us how your skills match up with the role requirements and how you are the best person for the job while keeping your experience recent, relevant and brief. Remember to highlight accomplishments and skills which add value to the job you are applying for. If possible, include URLs to your social media channels, website, portfolio or blog.

3. Quantify your results

Tell us how you’ve made an impact, improved a business outcome or made a positive change using metrics. Share those numbers with us as it helps understand the value you may bring to the role. An example would be “I implemented a change in process that generated a sales growth of 14%”.

4. Consider relevant non-work experience

We know there is more to you than your job history – and that experience matters, too! Are you a local scout leader? That's building leadership skills, public speaking and working well with others! Maybe you volunteer with a non-profit and run their annual fundraiser? That's strengthening your ability to work towards a deadline, focus on goals and manage a project. Think about your outside of work experience that builds the skills required for your desired role to paint a full picture of what you bring to the table.

5. Finally, proofread

Review and check everything on your resume – better yet have someone else read through it. There should be no spelling or grammar mistakes, your contact information should be clear and all dates should line up.

Ready to explore if Stryker is a fit for you?

Visit our careers site, read our blog and check out our social media feeds on LinkedIn, Instagram and Facebook to gain insight into our culture here at Stryker.



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