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6 reasons to love working hybrid at Stryker

Hybrid roles at Stryker offer the best of both worlds — the flexibility to plug in from almost anywhere with the opportunity of being able to work in one of our beautiful offices. Working hybrid at Stryker enables you to structure your work life to best suit your personal and professional needs, ensuring you can be as productive and balanced as possible.  

On days when you're working remotely, you'll have the ability to choose your perfect workspace, whether that's at home, in a café or even on the move. Then, when you come into the office, you're greeted by not just a workspace, but a hub of innovation, equipped with top-notch amenities designed to boost creativity, collaboration and well-being many of which have cafeterias, on-site fitness centers, beautiful outdoor areas and collaborative spaces. At Stryker, it's more than just where you work; it's about creating an environment where you can thrive, innovate, and connect—making every day impactful and rewarding. 

Here are 6 reasons to love working hybrid at Stryker

1. It's all about balance

“I work hybrid and I am in the office 1-2 days a week. The best part of working hybrid at Stryker is that it gives me greater flexibility and helps me juggle work, family and personal life.” 

-  Jenna L. | Manager, Enabling Technologies | Australia 

2. Priceless personal connections 

“Working remotely has its perks, but having an office to collaborate with colleagues and meet with work friends is priceless.” 

- Jenna V. | Sr. Manager, Customer Intelligence Data Governance | United States

3. Focus and flexibility 

“The flexibility helps me better integrate and manage my personal and family life while continuing to get the work done that is needed.  I can commit certain days to certain work, which enables me to have a stronger business rhythm and focus my mind when and where I need.  The time in the office helps me have quick, 1 on 1 discussions to move things along while building on relationships. I have the ability, with communication with my leader, to flex as I may need for an appointment, something with one of my children or anything else.  In the end, it is all about getting the work done and the acknowledgement that there are different ways and different places to be able to do that.” 

- Clint O. | Senior Director, ProCare Field Operations and Technical Support | United States

4. You can stay social  

“The best part of working hybrid is that on the days I'm working from home, I can see our little one multiple times a day and not only in the late evenings. But when I'm in the office, I love to spend time with my best friends at work! Every Wednesday we are all in the office and for lunch break we visit a Mexican Food Truck near our office to get enjoy some delicious food together!”

- Torben O. | Associate Manager, Talent Acquisition Operations | Germany

5. Best of both worlds 

"At Stryker, the choice between working onsite or remotely offers the best of both worlds. Stepping into our Amsterdam headquarters, the vibrant energy of our teams ignites inspiration, fostering a culture of positivity that fuels innovation. Yet, the flexibility to work from home brings moments of serene focus when needed, enabling maximum productivity. It's this perfect blend of bustling collaboration and tranquil concentration that makes each workday uniquely fulfilling for us." 

- Kalliopi S. | Marketing Lead | Netherlands

6. Freedom to succeed 

“I love the freedom and culture that being a hybrid employee provides. I get the energy and camaraderie of being around my team, but also the flexibility that working from home provides, not to mention time without distractions to focus on projects.”

- Tom F. | Video and Photography Senior Specialist | United States 

Ready to find your hybrid opportunity at Stryker? 

Check out our careers page and apply today!  



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