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8 reasons why these women chose R&D and engineering at Stryker

Updated: Mar 15

People choose to join Stryker for many reasons, but most tend to stay for the same reasons. Hear from some of our women in engineering on why they chose to work at Stryker and why they continue to grow their career here.

1. The mission

"The Stryker mission is one that speaks to me; I want to make a direct impact to people's lives with my work. Also, the people here are great - my team is full of friends. Stryker encourages me to learn (on the job and by supporting my Master’s degree) and there is room for advancement in the company."

– Katherine L., Senior Design Engineer

2. The opportunities to grow

"I chose Stryker because I could see that there was opportunity to grow and learn. Also, it is satisfying to know that my efforts go towards medical innovations which measurably improve people’s lives. I remain at Stryker because I am able to use my physics background. It is one of my passions and the result of a significant personal investment of time, money, and effort."

– Donna H., Senior Staff Engineer

3. The talented people

"With Gallup and a strengths-based approach, we work with top talent and use strengths to tap into what makes each other great. I remain at Stryker because of the culture, the people, our mission and values -we do what we say with integrity and we win the right way! As well as the opportunity to continue growing as a leader and the ability to grow others around me." – Lida R., R&D Manager

4. The culture

“Once you’re a part of the Stryker family, the company is committed to making sure employees are engaged in roles that promote career, personal and company success. I remain at Stryker because of the close ties I have forged with my colleagues and my direct reports. Our bond is our inspired commitment to understanding and finding solutions to treating stroke.”

– Sarena C., Senior R&D Manager

5. The quality products

"I wanted to experience developing products in a highly regulated environment for a company who valued excellence in project management and teamwork. Quality was paramount in my previous careers, but developing minimally invasive NV products personalized the need for an unwavering commitment to quality when treating people who could be family/friends. I came to Stryker as part of an acquisition and I stayed with Stryker for the environment in which I can proactively make a difference –impacting our organization and helping victims of stroke."

– Lenore F., Director, R&D, Sustaining Engineering

6. The work-life balance

"The work-life balance that Stryker provides is a perfect match for me and my growing family. I remain at Stryker because as a manager, it is fulfilling to see the efforts and achievements of our teams celebrated throughout the organization. I am also very proud to say that my job includes the opportunity to make healthcare better by enhancing patient care and supporting the OR needs of our caregivers."

– Amber H., Associate Manager, Test Lab

7. The experience

As a college senior, I wanted an employer who would help me build a foundation of experience early my career. With Stryker’s people emphasis, I would have ample growth and mentoring opportunities. I came for the opportunities and the industry, and I continue to love those, but my passionate, brilliant coworkers and the driven Stryker culture are also significant factors in why I remain at Stryker.”

- Jane M., Senior Design Engineer

8. The innovation in healthcare

“I chose to work at Stryker because of the company’s history of innovation in healthcare. I knew Stryker would support me as an engineer and give me the tools I need to solve complex problems. I remain here because I believe in the mission of the company. I am also fortunate to work with a great group of people who share those beliefs and are dedicated to improving healthcare.”

- Brett B., Senior R&D Engineer


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