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Meet Stryker’s Asian Community Empowerment employee resource group

Stryker is committed to raising awareness to mitigate bias, acting for equality and celebrating our employees’ innovation and achievements across our organization. One way we encourage our team members to support us becoming a better workplace for all is through active involvement in our employee resource groups (ERGs).

Fast facts about Asian Community Empowerment(ACE):

Mission: To promote Asian cultural diversity and the professional development of members and create a supportive environment for all while contributing to Stryker’s success.

Founded: 2020

Where to find ACE: ACE is comprised of three chapters (East Coast, Neurovascular, and Endoscopy) which encourages membership across the United States, regardless of employee’s physical location. In addition to ACE’s presence in the United States, our Stryker employees throughout Asia participate in ACE as local liaisons to promote cultural exchange.

About ACE

ACE was established in 2020 as a grassroots movement by Stryker employees hoping to champion the voices of the Asian community and bring fresh perspective to the DE&I conversation.

Today, ACE sites can be found at Stryker’s locations across the United States. Each site focuses on bringing cultural awareness to the forefront of their events and initiatives to elevate Asian culture at Stryker.

Making Stryker more inclusive

How is ACE supporting their mission to develop a network of employees that promote Asian cultural awareness, diversity and professional development to its members? ACE’s impact on Stryker’s culture can’t be summed up in just a paragraph or two, so we’ll give you a few highlights:

  • Connecting employees: Through the development of ACE, Stryker employees in Asia have been welcomed to join as liaisons. They virtually attend events and help share Asian culture with those in the United States.

  • Culture exchange: Across the United States, ACE chapters host celebratory events at Stryker sites to highlight traditional Asian holidays such as Lunar New Year and Diwali. These events offer an educational component for people who are unfamiliar with the celebrations and give employees the opportunity to appreciate their colleague’s heritage.

  • Mentorship: ACE has a mentorship program for their members. This program has helped members gain insight from their peers and find new ways to help progress in their careers.

Through ACE’s efforts, they are creating a more inclusive work environment that highlights how every employee can add to Stryker’s rich and vibrant culture.

A career destination for all talent

Since inception, ACE has been dedicated to advancing the understanding and inclusion of Stryker’s employees. ACE has developed four focus areas to help guide their strategic initiatives.

  1. Cultural education

  2. Career ownership

  3. Community building

  4. Company resources

Through these continued efforts, ACE helps Stryker to be a more inclusive workplace, and helps Asian talent at Stryker thrive.

What ACE means to the Stryker team

“I believe deepening cultural education within Stryker, providing new career opportunities for our members, and consistent community outreach will lead us in the right direction.” – Mike B. | Executive Sponsor | United States

"I am so proud and grateful to be one of the co-founders of ACE. It’s incredible to see our team’s vision finally come to fruition! Our team is excited to champion the voices of our colleagues and bring a fresh perspective to the DE&I dialogues and bring cultural education to the forefront of our initiatives. Together, we are stronger!" - Kara F. | ACE Co-Founder and East Coast Chapter President | United States

“I most enjoy being able to directly make an impact on our company culture. ACE is providing a safe space for its members to connect, grow, feel supported, and ultimately, better perform to their full potential.” – Sonia D. | ACE Member | United States

“Participating in a leadership role with ACE has offered additional networking opportunities for, allowing me to meet amazing people and leaders cross-functionally and cross-divisionally. It’s a great feeling to share common goals and interests with my fellow ACE members and leaders.” – Ray P. | ACE Co-Events Lead Specialist | United States

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