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Career advice for new graduates

Updated: Apr 8

We hope your school year is going well and you’re getting excited about your upcoming graduation! Have you started thinking about what’s next?

We sat down with Lindsey Lederer, Global Early Talent Leader at Stryker, and asked her to share some career advice for the upcoming graduating class of feature leaders.

Five tips for new graduates:

1. Be yourself

As you look for opportunities post-graduation, be yourself. As cliché as this sounds, it’s important that you are grounded in who you are and what your values are. You should never compromise who you are to fit the mold of a company. If there is misalignment or something doesn’t feel right, then it is probably not the right company or role for you and that’s ok!

2. Use your network

Use your network to help you along the way with resume review/prep, interviewing assistance, offer review, or general professional guidance. It never hurts to get feedback to help you prepare for interviewing and during the process. If someone takes the time to help you, make sure you thank them for their time as well!

3. Differentiation is key

What makes YOU different than other candidates? What will YOU bring to the table that others won’t? What can your future employer expect out of you? Thinking proactively about the role you could play on the team (and showcasing this) or at the company will help set you apart in the process.

4. Do your research

So often in interviews, it’s clear when the candidate has or hasn’t done their research. Candidates that have done their research can articulate the company values, know about the products and industry trends. Use your research base to help formulate the questions you ask each interviewer. It’s also important to note that just as you should research the company, culture and products, it’s also important to learn about the people you are interviewing with. Develop a unique question set for each person you are meeting with.

5. Start applying before graduation

Don’t wait until after graduation to start researching companies that you want to work for. We encourage students to apply for full-time roles 2-3 months prior to graduation!

At Stryker, we also offer rotational programs for recent graduates (you can check them out here).

Interested in growing your career at Stryker?

Check out our current job openings and apply today!


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