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Empowering communities: Stryker’s commitment to giving and volunteering

Updated: Apr 9

At Stryker, we’re committed to providing innovative healthcare solutions. But our employees’ passion to help create better outcomes extends beyond their daily work. Globally, our team members are driven by their desire to improve communities and help foster a better, healthier world. 

Our focus on improving healthcare and our world has helped shape Stryker’s social impact initiatives.  We are driven to help create equity in our four key focus areas: advancing healthcare, supporting education, improving environmental health, and enriching community culture. We believe that giving back, whether through giving or volunteering, helps strengthen our communities, making them healthier, happier, cleaner, and more vibrant.

Our four giving and volunteering focus areas:

1. Advancing healthcare

Through our partnership with nonprofits, we can aim to help provide under-resourced communities with access to safe and timely healthcare. We fund initiatives and medical education programs, enhancing surgical capacity and improving outcomes, especially in low- and middle-income countries. Through funding medical missions, we provide direct access to quality healthcare for marginalized populations, alleviating suffering, restoring function, and instilling hope.

2. Supporting education

We collaborate with nonprofits spanning the education continuum, from early childhood preparation to post-secondary preparedness. We support key partners in the spaces of early childhood education and workforce readiness to not only introduce children to concepts that support knowledge of healthcare but also to showcase the broad spectrum of careers that contribute toward the well-being of our communities.

3. Improving environmental health

Environmental health impacts us all, and efforts to improve the environment are taken on at local and global levels. We partner with nonprofits addressing sustainability challenges worldwide while preserving and protecting our local environments for generations to come. Through these efforts, we contribute to a cleaner, greener planet.

4. Enriching community culture

We enhance the quality of life through arts, connecting people and strengthening communities. By partnering with nonprofits and participating in events, we empower citizens to imagine a more vibrant future. These initiatives align with our employee resource group objectives, fostering a sense of belonging and shared purpose.

Our employees’ impact

Impact, Stryker’s online giving and volunteering platform, launched in 2021. Since then, employees from around the world continue to engage in maximizing the value of their generosity.  This platform embodies our belief that collective action can transform lives.

We offer a donation matching program that enables our people to amplify their support of the nonprofits they care about. During Impact’s first full year, over 3,500 employees participated in donating to over 1,400 nonprofits globally. 

Join us on our mission

 Together, we demonstrate that through integrity, performance, people and accountability, we can empower communities, making them resilient, hopeful and vibrant. Join us in making a difference – because every act of giving and volunteering today brings us one step closer to a better, healthier tomorrow.


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