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From intern to full-time: 5 benefits of staying at Stryker after your internship

Updated: Apr 9

An internship is a great way to kickstart your career. They offer the perfect opportunity to gain hands-on experience, explore company culture, and test the waters before diving in. But when your internship comes to an end, what’s the next step? Have you considered applying for a full-time role with Stryker?

Staying on full-time after completing your internship at Stryker can be a smart and rewarding career move. Not only do you get to continue working for a leading medical technology company with a strong reputation and innovative culture, but you also have the opportunity to continue building on the skills and relationships you developed during your internship. By staying on full-time, you can deepen your understanding of the company's mission, values, and industry, while also gaining access to more advanced career development opportunities, mentorship, and networking.

We’ve got the inside scoop from former Stryker interns about why they loved building their careers at Stryker.

1. Familiarity with the company

Interning at Stryker gives you the opportunity to learn about our values, culture, and mission. By the end of your internship, you have a good idea of how the company operates, and whether it would be a good fit for you.

“The best part about interning and starting my career at Stryker was that I had already learned a lot about the company values and the role when I started full-time, which meant I could hit the ground running and start making an impact right away!” – Katie S. | Intern class of 2009 |Senior Manager, Upstream Marketing | Missouri

2. Networking

Stryker’s interns are encouraged to build relationships with people at all levels of the organization. Interns have the opportunity to meet people within Stryker that can help learn about different career paths, provide insight, and connect you with potential mentors.

“The best part of interning and building your career at one company is that your legacy carries on. As an intern, you’ll create many meaningful relationships with people who become some of your greatest supporters and advocates in your full-time role. You also have the opportunity to build your brand early on so when you return full-time, you have already made a name for yourself.” – Alexis G. | Intern class of 2021 | MarComm Associate | California

“Some of the relationships I developed during my internship resulted in my strongest mentorships and friendships over, what is now, my 15-year career. Always take the time to meet someone new or help a colleague – those relationships will push you to grow and develop, they will help pave your career path and ultimately lead you to years of success.” - Adel D. |Intern class of 2007 | Sr. Manager, Communications | Illinois

“Growing in one company allows you to build diverse connections. Stryker is an international corporation with infinite opportunities. You can test the waters in a new department or with an entirely different product portfolio while staying under the Stryker umbrella. This allows you to make a broader impact and achieve your career goals faster!” – Alexia L. |Intern class of 2019 | Sr. Marketing Associate | Illinois

“The best part of interning at Stryker was being able to contribute to resolving real issues and networking with other people in various groups of the organization. Eleven years later, I still come across people that I either worked with or developed relationships with during my internship that I need to work with now in completely different roles. My internship really set me up for success in roles that I had after graduation.” – Mike H. | Intern class of 2012 | Sr. Manager, Supply Chain | Michigan

3. Proven track record

Think of your internship as your first professional job. This role will be the foundation that your job history is built on. By interning at Stryker, and then staying on as a full-time employee, you’ve established a proven track record as a valuable employee.

“Stryker was the only company I ever interned for, and after my amazing internship, I chose to stay. After 3 years, I continue to be on the same team. Throughout my entire professional career, hard work and dedication have not gone unnoticed here. Stryker has in return shown me their continuous dedication to my career – supporting higher education, and future career goals through mentorship, and providing outside-of-my-day-job opportunities in areas that matter to me, such as on-campus employee resource groups. In your time at Stryker, you are not only building a relationship with your direct team network but become an integral part of the culture and people that make Stryker a great place to work.”- Alexa H. | Intern class of 2019 | Senior Scientist | New Jersey

4. Relevant experience

Stryker’s internship is designed to provide hands-on experience, allowing interns to learn more about the industry, and company, and gain real-life experience that can be invaluable to your growth at Stryker. Interns who opt to become full-time Stryker employees already have experience working within the company and are well-equipped to take on more roles and responsibilities.

“Interning at Stryker not only allowed me to confirm my interest in the company as a full-time destination after graduation but also allowed me to build key skills that allowed me to hit the ground running when I started my full-time career. The best part about an internship at Stryker is that you are challenged with the same work as full-time employees. Combined with an academic curriculum, this creates an incredibly strong learning environment. You’ll need to apply your academic skills and knowledge to achieve success in your internship, and furthermore, the real-world experience and skills gained in a Stryker internship will re-shape the way you approach learning when you return to school.” – Garrett J. | Intern class of 2013-17 | Manager, Product Development | New Jersey

5. Opportunities for growth

Following an internship at Stryker, employees who stay on tend to have a head start since they’re already familiar with the company culture and our operations. These employees understand the mechanics of working at Stryker and are able to focus on planning their career paths and setting goals early on.

“Stryker has a massive advantage when it comes to developing your career at one company. They allow you to grow as an employee, but more importantly, they allow you to pivot and change course. This critical facet of Stryker’s culture creates an environment where your career path leads you to do what you truly enjoy each day.” – Troy C. | Intern class of 2012 | Sr. Global Training & Product Launch Manager | Amsterdam

“I am so thankful to have started my career with Stryker! Since my internship, I have held 5 different titles, supported 3 different business units, and even worked at multiple divisions! I love working for a company that values employee development and internal mobility. In addition to learning something new every day, you also get the chance to contribute to making healthcare better in a variety of ways!” – Elizabeth F. | Intern class of 2015 | Quality Engineering Associate Manager | Arizona

“Stryker enables sustained career growth through encouraging dynamic, open communication with your leadership so that you can take ownership of your career, no matter your age or status. As a 19-year-old intern, I felt a profound interest in my personal and professional development from leaders and coworkers; five years later, the continued, active engagement across our culture feels just as strong every day, reminding me why I made the right choice by opting to build my career with Stryker.” – Joshua C. | Intern class of 2019 | Sr. Design Engineer | Michigan

If you’re considering interning with Stryker, it’s worth thinking about the potential long-term benefits and how it can help you build a successful career. Learn more about Stryker’s Internship Program in the United States.

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