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Getting to know Stryker: Student and graduate programs in Germany, Switzerland and Austria

Updated: Apr 29

Germany, Switzerland and Austria programs:  

Our internship programs run at varying times throughout the year across multiple different functions. An internship at Stryker will build more than just your resume — it will challenge your knowledge, build your network and drive your career path. 

Sales Trainee Program at a glance: 

Stryker’s Sales Trainee Program is a comprehensive offering that covers product and anatomical knowledge, market learning and hospital insights – everything needed to qualify as a medical product advisor. 

Things to know: 
  • Focus area: Sales 

  • Duration: 12-14 months, full time, rotational  

  • Locations: Germany, Switzerland or Austria within one or several sales divisions, the field and/or potential enabling functions.   

  • Additional requirements: 

    • Bachelor or Masters Degree in healthcare economics, medical devices, engineering or similar e.g. certified Operating Theatre Assistant with a few years of professional experience in the operating room 

    • Fluent in local language and English 

    • Willingness to travel 

Trainee Talent Program Robotics at a glance: 

The career path as a trainee for one of our most innovative products, the Mako Smart Robotics, begins here. This system is used for performing minimally invasive knee and hip implants in the field of joint replacement surgery. 

The program is distinctive as it ensures intensive mentoring and comprehensive immersion in the entire field of joint replacement surgery/Mako Smart Robotics during the first year. Completion of the program includes primary device certification and independent surgery assistance. 

Things to know:  
  • Focus area: Clinical Specialist 

  • Duration: Approx. 12 months followed by e.g. an Associate role, full time 

  • Location: Germany, Switzerland or Austria within one of our MAKO Product Specialist Teams 

  • Additional Requirements: 

    • Bachelor or Masters Degree in healthcare economics, medical devices, engineering or similar e.g. certified Operating Theatre Assistant 

    • Fluent in local language and English 

    • Willingness to travel 

Apprenticeship Program at a glance: 

This dual technical training offers a hands-on learning experience working with cutting edge production technologies and the opportunity to be part of an innovative team tasked with manufacturing healthcare solutions. 

We are looking for curious talents who are eager to actively contribute at the vocational school as well as one of our modern Manufacturing facilities. We also ensure an engaging exchange among our apprentices through exciting activities. 

We offer the following focus areas: Industriemechaniker(m/f/d), Werkzeugmechaniker (m/f/d),  Feinwerkmechaniker (m/f/d) and Polymechaniker (m/f/d) (Switzerland only). 

Things to know:  
  • Focus area: Manufacturing 

  • Duration: 2-4 years, full time, rotational/dual training 

  • Location: Freiburg, Schoenkirchen/Kiel, Tuttlingen and Müllheim-Stetten in Germany and Selzach in Switzerland 

  • Additional requirement: Secondary school leaving certificate (depending on role and location) 

Dual Study Program at DHBW at a glance: 

The dual study program at the DHBW (Baden-Wuerttemberg Cooperative State University) combines the best of two worlds: theoretical knowledge at the university with practical experience at Stryker. Students regularly alternate between theory phases at the university and on the job-experience in our modern Manufacturing and R&D hub in Germany. Rotations will e.g. include Manufacturing, Quality, Supply Chain Management. 

We offer the following focus areas: Wirtschaftsingenieurwesen mit Fachrichtung Produktion und Logistik and Maschinenbau mit Fachrichtung Produktionstechnik. 

Things to know: 
  • Focus area: Manufacturing 

  • Duration: 3 years, full time, rotational/dual training 

  • Location: Freiburg, Germany 

  • Program Requirement: High school diploma / technical college entrance qualification 

Advanced Operations Global Engineering Development Program at a glance: 

The Advanced Operations Global Engineering Development Program is designed specifically for highly talented individuals who are looking for an accelerated career progression in Advanced Operations. This program develops world-class engineers through challenging assignments, high visibility, multi-divisional team projects, integrated training and development, and formal coaching and mentoring programs.

Things to know:  
  • Focus area: Advanced Operations/Engineering with rotations in Quality and Operational Excellence 

  • Duration: 20 months (5 month rotation) 

  • Location: Freiburg, Germany 

  • Additional requirements:  

    • Bachelor or Masters Degree (post graduation)  

    • Fluent in English 

Internship/Thesis Program at a glance: 

Whether you are interested in pursuing an internship during your studies or a thesis towards the end of your education, we offer you the opportunity to work on dedicated projects, learning series and potentially a role in a graduate position. 

Things to know: 

  • Focus area: All functions 

  • Duration: 5-6 months / 1 semester 

  • Location: All locations in Germany and Switzerland  

  • Additional requirements:  

    • Internship: You must be currently enrolled in university and pursuing an internship as part of your program or on a voluntary basis. 

    • Thesis: You are at the end of your studies and are looking to write your thesis (BA or Masters) in cooperation with Stryker 

Frequently asked questions:

If I submit one application, is it overarching towards all applications? 

You must apply for each role that you are interested in pursuing. 

I have applied and haven’t heard back; when should I expect to hear? 

I don’t have any previous internship experience would you consider me for an internship? 

I filled out all my information at a careers fair already, does this mean I have applied for a role or do I still need to apply on the Stryker Careers site? 

When should I start to apply for positions that start after I graduate? 

Can I still be hired if Stryker doesn’t come to my school's career fair? 

Can interns participate in philanthropic/team building activities during the summer? 

Will I be working/collaborating with fellow interns on projects or will I be assigned more individual projects? 

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