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Getting to know Stryker: Student and graduate programs in Poland

Updated: Apr 29

Poland programs:  

An internship at Stryker in Poland will build more than just your resume — it will challenge your knowledge, build your network and drive your career path.  

Discover Internship Program at a glance: 

The Discover Programs in Poland are perfect for students looking to gain valuable hands on experience. The  3-6 month internship offers you hands on experience in Finance or Procurement related fields. You’ll have the opportunity to learn directly from our award winning team in the Poland Finance Center and our award winning procurement team – both located in Warsaw. 

Things you need to know: 
  • For both the Finance and Procurement programs: 

    • you must be eligible to work legally in Poland  

    • fluent in English  

    • have a bachelor’s or master’s degree in related field  

  • Procurement additional requirements:  

    • Supply Chain majors targeted: Procurement, Logistics, Raw Pack Materials Planning, Supply Management, Business, Engineering or related field 

    • Proficient on Microsoft suite (Excel and Power BI are a must) 

    • Good communication and training development skills 

Frequently asked questions:

If I submit one application, is it overarching towards all applications? 

You must apply for each role that you are interested in pursuing. 

I have applied and haven’t heard back; when should I expect to hear? 

I don’t have any previous internship experience would you consider me for an internship? 

I filled out all my information at a careers fair already, does this mean I have applied for a role or do I still need to apply on the Stryker Careers site? 

When should I start to apply for positions that start after I graduate? 

Can I still be hired if Stryker doesn’t come to my school's career fair? 

Can interns participate in philanthropic/team building activities during the summer? 

Will I be working/collaborating with fellow interns on projects or will I be assigned more individual projects? 

Ready to start your career with Stryker?

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