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Getting to know Stryker: Student and graduate programs in Asia Pacific

Updated: Apr 29

Whether you’re currently in college and looking for an internship, or a recent graduate trying to figure out your next career move, check out opportunities offered at Stryker. Programs are offered in India, China, Hong Kong, Singapore and in the South Pacific to provide learning opportunities and hands-on work experience with potential to convert to full time careers with Stryker.  


India internships and programs:  

Our internship programs are perfect for talented students looking to gain valuable hands-on experience. An internship at Stryker will build more than just your resume — it will challenge your knowledge, build your network, and drive your career path. 

Important things to note about our summer internships and programs: 
  • All students must be pursuing the final year of their degree specialization 

  • Eligible to work in India 

  • Unless otherwise specified, programs in India will be based in Gurugram 


Research and Development Internship at a glance:  

Our R&D internship offers hands-on learning experience working with cutting edge technologies and the opportunity to be part of global projects focused on developing healthcare solutions.  

Things to know: 
  • Focus area: R&D 

  • Duration: 11- 12  months 

  • Additional requirements: Post graduate degree in engineering with specialization in mechanical, computer science, electric and electronics and fields related to IS.  

Information Systems Internship at a glance:  

The Information Solutions internship offers opportunities to work on solving complex business challenges using technology driven IS solutions. 

Things to know about the internship: 
  • Focus area: IS 

  • Duration: 11 – 12 months  

  • Additional requirements: Postgraduate degree in engineering with specialization in  computer science,  and fields related to IS. 

Singapore internships and programs:

Singapore Internship Program at a glance:  

As an intern in Singapore, you will work alongside an award-winning team of Stryker employees on projects with significant levels of business impact. All of which will provide you with an understanding of our business, its demands and rewards. 

Things to know: 
  • Focus area: Sales, Marketing, Finance, Business Development and Operations   

  • Duration: 12 weeks 

  • Location: Singapore 

  • Additional requirements: 

    • Currently enrolled in an university  

    • A Singaporean citizen or permanent resident  

South Pacific internships and programs:  

Our programs in the South Pacific are within the various divisions and locations of Stryker. Opportunities will be posted at different times during the year depending on the campus recruitment schedule for that location. Opportunities include internship programs and casual work opportunities.  

Things to know about internship programs: 
  • Focus area: varies each year  

  • Duration: 10-14 weeks 

  • Location: Sydney 

  • Additional requirements: Students must be in their penultimate or final year of undergraduate degree 

Things to know about casual opportunities: 
  • Focus area: Tech operations, supply chain and master data, kit room and customer service 

  • Duration: On-going roles and flexible hours  

  • Location: Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide and Perth 


Frequently asked questions:

If I submit one application, is it overarching towards all applications? 

You must apply for each role that you are interested in pursuing. 

I have applied and haven’t heard back; when should I expect to hear? 

I don’t have any previous internship experience would you consider me for an internship? 

I filled out all my information at a careers fair already, does this mean I have applied for a role or do I still need to apply on the Stryker Careers site? 

When should I start to apply for positions that start after I graduate? 

Can I still be hired if Stryker doesn’t come to my school's career fair? 

Can interns participate in philanthropic/team building activities during the summer? 

Will I be working/collaborating with fellow interns on projects or will I be assigned more individual projects? 

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