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Stryker's Veterans Association (SVA)

Updated: Dec 2, 2022

Stryker has always been committed to building an inclusive, engaging work environment. In alignment with this commitment is the hiring and development of veteran talent. Stryker truly appreciates the values, leadership and teamwork veterans bring to the organization and one of the ways they support veterans and their families is through the employee resource group: SVA (Stryker’s Veterans Association).

About Stryker’s Veterans Association

SVA serves as a network for military/veterans who work at Stryker, provides support to the recruiting of military/veterans as well as a mentorship program, and a place for military/veteran resources.

SVA strives to make Stryker a preferred destination for top veteran talent by driving military employee engagement. Our meetings provide career insights for our members and hiring managers, and our meet-ups build camaraderie among our members and their families.  

SVA initiatives focus on teamwork, reflecting the team focus found within the military. SVA activities also emphasize helping others, which ties directly to Stryker’s mission, “Together with our customers, we are driven to make healthcare better.” We participate in community initiatives and host fundraisers for active military, veterans, and families in need.

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While we have veterans serving in almost all functional areas at Stryker, the majority of our veterans are serving in operations management, project management, engineering, supply chain management, sales, marketing, finance, and technician roles.

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