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Work is better with your bestie: The power of a best friend at work

Updated: Apr 12

At Stryker, professional excellence isn’t the only thing we strive for - we also prioritize building meaningful relationships. It’s no secret we spend a significant amount of time at work, typically surrounded by colleagues. And while work buddies and acquaintances are great, having a best friend at work (BFAW) can make your workdays brighter and contribute to your overall well-being and job satisfaction.

What we’re saying is that having a best friend at work is a game-changer. Want proof? We’ve got it.

1. Enhanced overall well-being

Work can be challenging, stressful, and sometimes a little demanding. Having a BFAW to share these experiences with can make a huge difference. Whether you’re celebrating successes, navigating difficult situations, or simply being a listening ear during tough times, a BFAW is a great support system to help alleviate stress and promote emotional well-being.

With the demands of work and your personal life, it can be hard to strike a balance that feels right to you. The good news? Finding this balance becomes easier when you work with friends. Sharing common interests and experiences allows for a healthy blend of work and leisure, fostering a supportive environment that reduces stress and enhances your overall well-being.

Hear what our team has to say:

“When we were just coming back from COVID, Brittni got me through some stressful moments trying to reacclimate to being in the office. She has been a rock for me during some rough personal moments. She provides advice when asked, reigns me in if I'm going off the rails and reminds me to celebrate my victories.” - Wendy R. | United States

“The best thing about having a BFAW is they help relieve stress.” – Hali Tolga A. | Turkey

“Having a BFAW allows me to feel more comfortable being ME at work.”

- Christi E. | United States

2. Increased job satisfaction

Not only can your BFAW help provide emotional support, but they can also significantly enhance your job satisfaction. When you’re surrounded by people you genuinely like and enjoy spending time with, your workplace becomes a more pleasant place. Having a friend to chat with, share lunch breaks, and engage in meaningful conversations can lift spirits and drive people to perform at their best.

Hear what our team has to say:

“Having a BFAW has made me start loving my job more. I have someone I can relate to, who understands my thought process and helps improve my creativity. My BFAW knows my strengths and weaknesses but harnesses them to bring a positive outcome.” – Ajay J. | India

“I am more motivated for work, my BFAW boosts my mood when I need it and helps with everyday things. I do the same for her.” – Aleksandra J. | Poland

“Having a BFAW makes work way more fun! It also makes me want to work harder to support the people I genuinely care about.” – Courtney B. | Canada

3. Enhanced collaboration and innovation

Collaboration is a key ingredient to Stryker’s success. When you have a BFAW, you unlock a whole new level of teamwork. You develop a deep understanding of each other's strengths, weaknesses, and working styles, resulting in enhanced collaboration. By leveraging your unique skills, you can accomplish tasks more efficiently, tackle complex projects with ease, and drive innovation.

Friendships at work encourage a more relaxed and comfortable atmosphere where team members can feel safe to express their ideas and take risks. This freedom leads to increased creativity and innovation as people bounce ideas off each other and engage in constructive brainstorming sessions.

Hear what our team has to say:

“My BFAW has always been an inspiration and source of confidence that someone is there to help me. He pushes me to perform better than I would on my own.” – Virender S. | India

“Having a BFAW has created better collaboration and led to a more open exchange and knowledge transfer.” – Dominik B. | Germany

4. Networking and career growth

We believe in continuous growth and development. Having a BFAW can open new doors to career advancement and networking opportunities. Your bestie may have valuable insights into different projects, job openings, or growth prospects within Stryker. They can also provide valuable advice, mentorship, and support, helping you navigate your career path more effectively. By supporting each other's ambitions and celebrating milestones together, you create a network of support that propels both of you toward success.

Hear what our team has to say:

“Having a BFAW isn’t just for fun and joy, but also to grow together professionally. I help her understand concepts that are new to her, and she helps me with new technologies.”

– Vivek C. |India

“Having a BFAW boosts my engagement and enables me to see things from a different perspective. It has also created a ton of growth and development opportunities.”

Selam H. | United States

“In addition to being a great person to laugh and vent to, one of the biggest BFAW benefits for me is having an honest, trusted mirror. I trust my BFAW to give me honest, candid feedback about how I’m showing up, and because I have that deep trust with them, I know it’s coming from them wanting me to be my best self and succeed.” – Debra L. United States

People are at the heart of what we do. Having a BFAW isn’t just about having a good time or coffee dates with a buddy – it’s about having someone who has your back and cheers you on.

Thinking of a friend who could be a great fit at Stryker?

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