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9 reasons to love Stryker in California

Updated: Apr 3

Fremont, California, is home to Stryker’s Neurovascular (NV) division, which is focused on advancing the practice of less invasive stroke therapies through its Complete Stroke Care Solutions.

San Jose, California, is home to Stryker's Endoscopy division. The office underwent a multi-phased renovation and upgrade in 2017, designed with wall graphics, a history timeline, and a product innovation display that represents our innovative spirit.

Our Fremont office at a glance:

Office address: 47900 Bayside Parkway, Fremont, CA 94538

Main businesses: Neurovascular

Main functions: Sales and Marketing

On-site perks: On-site fitness center, on-site cafeteria, on-site dry cleaning service, childcare and summer camp discounts, EV charging stations, outdoor space, shuffleboard and basketball court

Our San Jose office at a glance:

Office address: 5900 Optical Court, San Jose, CA 95138

Main businesses: Endoscopy

Main functions: Sales and Marketing, Engineering, Research and Development

On-site perks: On-site fitness center, on-site cafeteria, shuttle from San Francisco

Here are 9 reasons to join our team in California

1. On-site fitness centers

The health and wellbeing of our employees is important to us. We encourage our employees to take advantage of the on-site fitness center.

2. Shuffleboard and basketball court

Take a break with your colleagues on our outdoor patio with a fun game in the beautiful year-round California weather!

3. On-site cafeterias

No need to pack a lunch or leave to grab a bite to eat! Our on-site cafeteria offers discounted meals all day long.

4. On-site dry cleaning services

Save time and skip stopping at a dry cleaner on your way home. This Stryker office offers dry-cleaning in-house.

5. Electric car charging stations

Sustainability is important to us, and at Stryker’s Fremont location, employees are able to charge their electric vehicles during the work day.

6. Special parking for carpools and shuttle service

Carpooling to work is encouraged, and front-row parking spaces are designated for those who carpool. In San Jose, we offer a shuttle for employees to and from San Francisco to help ease the commute. And an added bonus: the shuttles are equipped with Wi-Fi.

7. We celebrate diversity, equity and inclusion

At Stryker, we have nine Employee Resource Groups (ERGs). Participating in an ERG provides numerous advantages, including fostering a supportive community, instilling a sense of belonging, and offering a platform to champion diverse viewpoints. Each ERG contributes to the culture at Stryker by fostering innovation and offering developmental pathways for its members.

8. On-site biometric screenings

Maintaining and encouraging employee wellness makes for a healthy and happy workplace. On-site biometric screenings allow employees to stay on top of their health.

9. Childcare and summer camp discounts

Work-life balance is important, and by offering discounts for childcare and youth summer camps, we hope to alleviate some of the pressure that comes with being a working parent.

Interested in joining our team in California?

Check out our current job openings and apply today!


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