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4 reasons to love Stryker’s Springhill office in Ireland

Our Springhill site is part of our Instruments Manufacturing network, here we produce bone and soft tissue cutting tools. Our precision engineering teams at this location focus on high-tech machining and deliver innovative products in collaboration with Research and Development and Advanced Operations. 

Our Springhill office at a glance: 

Springhill office address: IDA Business & Tech Park Carrigtwohill  

Main business: Instruments   

Main functions: Operations, Engineering, Quality, Continuous Improvement and Automation, Information Systems, Finance, Supply Planning  

On-site perks: Onsite restaurant, onsite parking, festive activities and more! 


4 reasons to join our team in Springhill:

1. We value diversity, equity and inclusion

Stryker has nine ERGs – four of which have local chapters in Cork - Stryker Women’s Network, Stryker’s Emerging Professionals, Women in Science and Engineering and Stryker Allies for Equality. Employees are encouraged to get involved and broaden their knowledge and foster an inclusive community. Stryker’s Women’s Network celebrated International Women’s Day by hosting on site self-defence classes, playing both fun and informative games as well as well as having sweet treats. 

2. We’re committed to sustainability 

We work to create a healthier world not only through our products and services, but also through our commitments to responsible operations. At Stryker, our growth is fueled by innovation and rooted in the understanding that human health relies on the health of our planet. All of our manufacturing sites use 100% renewable energy generated by wind turbine farms. 

3. We prioritize your professional development

We're big on helping you grow. Whether it's through apprenticeships, graduate programs or educational assistance, we've got options to support your development.  

4. Flexible work hours  

Having a balance in your professional and personal life is important for your overall well-being and productivity – one way to achieve that balance is through flexible work hours. Stryker’s Chairman and CEO, Kevin Lobo, also shares his 5 tips on how to achieve a healthier work/life balance. 

Fun fact:  

Our site recently adopted two beehives to help conserve the Irish Bees. 

Interested in joining our team in Ireland?    

Check out our current job openings and apply today!  



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