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5 myths about working at Stryker

Updated: Apr 11

Let’s be honest – we tend to form opinions about companies without actually having first-hand experience. There are quite a few misconceptions out there about working at Stryker that we often hear and we’re here to debunk those myths.

Here are 5 myths about working at Stryker:

Myth # 1: You have to know someone to get an interview

This is simply untrue. You do not need to know someone who works at Stryker in order to get an interview. Our recruiters review application submissions and contact the candidates whose skills and experience are a match for the role. If you are not selected for an interview, it just means that there were candidates whose skills and experience were a better fit.

We do encourage you to connect and network with our employees and to keep applying to the roles that best match your skills and interests.

Myth # 2: Stryker is exclusively a sales company

Sales is a huge component of our organization and we wouldn’t have a 40-year sales growth streak without our amazing team, but we’re more than just a sales team. We are engineers designing the future of medical technology. We are quality controllers assessing potential risks and ensuring compliance. We are clinical researchers interpreting clinical trials research. We are manufacturers assembling products. And we are so much more.

We are Stryker and we are making healthcare better, together.

Myth # 3: Stryker only hires athletes

The traits you develop as an athlete, such as teamwork, perseverance, commitment, and time management, will benefit you in many ways throughout your life and while those are traits that fit well in any company, they are not the only traits we look for in candidates. You may know someone who works at Stryker and they may happen to be (or have been) an athlete, but we do not only hire athletes.

We are a team made up of musicians, artists, comedians, authors, travelers, and more! The diversity of our team leads to better business results and most importantly it helps us achieve our mission of making healthcare better.

Myth # 4: You will have no life if you work in sales

There are many types of sales roles within Stryker and each of them may require different types of commitments. The reality is: you will likely travel, and you may work long hours, but our sales reps have the flexibility to run their own business. Many of our reps have families and share with us that they have flexibility and work/life balance.

It may not be a fit for everyone, so we encourage you to have the conversation with a team member or recruiter to understand what each role will require.

Myth # 5: You are always in the O.R. as a sales rep

Not all sales reps at Stryker are in the OR; it depends on the line of products you sell. We have a salesforce that sells disposables, beds, stretchers, mobile CPR machines (LUCAS), etc. So, some products may require that you be in the O.R. but many do not.

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