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5 video interview tips for candidates

Interviewing for a new job is already a process that involves a lot of considerations. But, doing it over a video call adds a few more. Here are 5 tips to help navigate these issues so you can focus on having a successful interview.


1. Clean, quiet and well-lit location

Before beginning your video chat, make sure you are conducting the interview in a clean, quiet and well-lit room. Make sure there are no loose items strewn about. Utilize a space that is a safe distance from nearby, noisy areas. And make sure your interviewer can see you by lighting yourself up evenly by facing a window.

2. Place the camera at eye-level

Make sure the video camera is at eye-level to avoid any unflattering angles. Ensure that the device is not too far away – it should be within arm’s reach. This will help with framing the shot appropriately and keeping the audio at the best possible quality.

3. Test your technology before the interview

Perform a test of your device and the interviewing software to confirm that the video looks good and the audio sounds clear. If you are having issues, check your Wi-Fi connection.

4. Conduct a mock interview

Running through a mock interview using the video software will help confirm that all of these things are working optimally, and you can make any necessary adjustments prior to your interview.

5. Dress appropriately

Make sure you look your best for the interview. Even though you are interviewing in a comfortable space, remember that this is still an interview. Dress how you would if you were interviewing in person. (That means losing the pajama pants).


The interview process can be taxing and there are a lot of things to consider, especially over video chat. We hope these tips will help you succeed in your next video interview.

Good luck!


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Geethu iSmart
Geethu iSmart
18. Aug. 2021

Well explained the tips for video interviews.Video interviews became a serious part of the hiring process, especially amid the pandemic. Many companies are hiring the candidate through a video interview. Instead of meeting in person or by phone recruiters are interviewing the students virtually, using video interview software.

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