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6 tips on how to land an interview at Stryker

Updated: Aug 17, 2021

Our workplace is special. Our employees feel it when they come to work every day and candidates feel it when they interact with us. It is what makes Stryker one of the World’s Best Workplaces. If you are looking to join our growing family, check out these 6 tips on how to land an interview at Stryker.

1. Join our talent network

Our talent network gives you the opportunity to upload your contact information and career preferences so you can receive customized alerts to new job opportunities, company updates, and more.

2. Apply for positions where you meet the minimum requirements

At the bottom of many of our job descriptions, you will see a minimum requirements section. These are the basic qualifications needed to perform this role. This should not be confused with “preferred” qualifications which are not required.

3. Customize your resume for the job

Once you have found your dream job on our careers site and are ready to apply, make sure your resume stands out. Here are 5 tips to get your resume Stryker-ready.

4. Ask for a referral

Do you know someone who works at Stryker? We value recommendations for potential employees that our existing employees bring to us. Be sure to reach out to your Stryker contact prior to applying so they can submit your resume as a referral. Note: if you apply prior to reaching out to your contact, they will not be able to formally submit you as a referral.

5. Network with employees

Don’t know anyone who works at Stryker? If you would like to be referred for a role at Stryker, we recommend connecting with employees and recruiters on LinkedIn to build your network.

6. Don’t give up

If you have applied for a role in the past and have made it through various interview rounds but were not selected for that particular role, don’t give up! Many of our current employees took several attempts to land their current dream job. Hear from Melanie about how she landed her coveted sales role despite some previous rejections.


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