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6 reasons to join Stryker in Amsterdam, Netherlands

Updated: Aug 22, 2019

Stryker's Amsterdam, Netherlands office was opened in 2014, located in the city's southeast business district. Employees with pan-European responsibilities are based here, and enjoy the centrality of the city.

Our office at a glance:

Here are 6 reasons to join our family in Amsterdam

1. Free coffee and fruit

Stryker's Amsterdam office has two cafeterias that serve fresh, organic fruit and coffee for free every day at this office. When the weather is especially nice, you can take the opportunity to enjoy lunch outside at one of the outdoor picnic tables.

2. Excellent networking opportunities

You will have a lot of European exposure at this office, so the opportunity to broaden your network and assume European responsibility is there for you! We host more than 48 nationalities at our office which makes the European Office a very diverse and multicultural working environment.

3. Fun office culture

Stryker’s Amsterdam office values community building and understands when you need a short break from work. The office offers a table-top football game for some fun between meetings.

4. Wellness perks

This office has free e-bikes for all employees to use for a lunch break or quick excursion around the city. Stryker’s Amsterdam office also offers discounts on buying your own bike and on local gym memberships. Additionally, the social committee organizes free sports classes, including weekly bootcamps, running clinics, and indoor soccer for all employees!

5. The Amsterdam Skills Centre

The Amsterdam Skills Centre is a non-profit organization, owned by the Amsterdam University Medical Centre. Stryker has invested in the building of the centre and supplied the equipment for the training sessions. Here, you can learn more about Stryker's products and the history of medicine.

6. Monthly social events

Large monthly after-work social events are organized by the Amsterdam office social committee. Recent events include sports game watches, holiday parties, pub quizzes, and even summer family parties where employees are welcome to invite their family members.

Fun fact

There are more bikes than residents in the city and about 70% of citizens are believed to use their bike daily.

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