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7 tips for finding your first job

Updated: Apr 10

Looking for your first job is an exciting time, but let’s be honest, it can also be stressful. Deciding where to start your career is important, after all your first role will lay the foundation for your professional development.

Lucky for you, we’ve got a few tips to help you get started with your job hunt.

1. Start with an internship

Internships enable you to build experience for future opportunities while also offering you the opportunity to test the waters with the company to determine if it is a cultural fit. During an internship, you also gain exposure and visibility to leaders within the business, which will broaden your network for future opportunities.

Explore the internship opportunities we offer here at Stryker!

2. Leverage your network to find opportunities

Sometimes the best opportunities can be found by connecting with your network – like the one you built up during your internship. Professionals you’ve built relationships with can be well-connected within your target industry, so it is worth reaching out.

If you're looking to extend your personal or professional network, check out our blog: 8 tips to build your network!

3. Ask for a referral

A great way to get your foot in the door at your dream company is to ask a connection to refer you! While a referral doesn't guarantee you will receive a job offer, it is a good sign for the recruiting team that you'd likely be a great culture fit and to consider you for the role.

4. Attend career fairs

Career fairs are a perfect opportunity for you to find your first job and make meaningful network connections. Career fairs are designed to link employers to interested candidates. This setting will give you the chance to make a great first impression and pitch yourself to prospective employers that are ready to hire. There are a variety of career-focused events you can attend including university, functional, and niche career fairs.

Visit our events page to explore the upcoming career fairs we will be attending!

5. Check job boards

Many job boards post jobs targeted specifically for candidates who are looking to start their careers. In fact, many universities have a career service job board for you to connect with employers.

If you’ve already identified the industry and/or job function you’ll be applying for, don’t forget to look at job boards tailored to those interests in addition to the mainstream job boards you may already be familiar with.

6. Explore job openings on social media

Social media has expanded beyond being a platform for social interactions and can be a useful vehicle for job searches.

LinkedIn empowers you to have professional connections and relevant job openings at your fingertips. Check out our tips for using LinkedIn for your Job Search. Find virtual communities that align with your professional interests, and sign up for notifications about the latest opportunities. Visit Stryker’s LinkedIn profile and explore our job postings today!

7. Apply on company websites

Have you narrowed your search to a few dream companies (like Stryker) you’d love to start your career with?

Visit their career websites to see if any entry-level opportunities align with what you are looking for! On our career website, you will find rotational programs and entry-level jobs that will offer professional development and catapult your career at Stryker.

Good luck, and happy job-hunting!


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