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Building an international career: 5 tips from Levi Campbell, Director of Talent Acquisition

Updated: May 10

Levi Campbell joined Stryker in 2011 as an HR Intern at Stryker’s Flower Mound, Texas office. Today, she’s living in Singapore and is the Director of Talent Acquisition (TA) for Asia Pacific (APAC). Throughout her career at Stryker, Levi has held six roles, in three countries across two continents. During this time, Levi has learned that no matter where she is, Stryker’s culture shines through. “It doesn’t matter what country I’m in, everyone I work with is so dedicated and passionate about our mission to make healthcare better.”

Levi’s career path is a great example of the growth and opportunity within Stryker, serving as an inspiration for those seeking to carve their path to success in international markets.


Here are a few things Levi has learned along the way:

1. Embrace global culture and respect local


Levi underscores the importance of understanding both the global Stryker culture and the local nuances of the markets she works in. Balancing these aspects is essential for navigating diverse international roles effectively. She shared, "I've loved learning about how different our markets are and how we have to serve our customers differently... respecting both the global and the local nuances that exist."

2. Continuous learning and curiosity are your best tools:

Levi's success in international markets stems from her open-minded approach and curiosity. Embracing different perspectives and finding common ground are crucial for fostering collaboration across cultures. She advises, "Just really going in with an open mind, curiosity and learning that things may be done differently. - it's really about time, curiosity, and understanding what's most important to those different cultures."

3. Self-care and setting boundaries:

Learning to listen to your body and having healthy limits is vital for sustaining a fulfilling career. Working on a global team can include calls at odd hours and sometimes travel. Reflecting on her career, Levi offers the reminder, "Learn how and when to listen to your body, and practice setting boundaries that work for you..I now have the right tools and support system to do so."

4. Seize opportunities and take those shots:

Inspired by Wayne Gretzky's mantra, Levi encourages taking risks and seizing opportunities. Her bold decision to move to Asia, despite limited exposure to the region, underlines the value of stepping out of one's comfort zone. She shares, "I did some study but spent a lot of time actually meeting people, went in curious and ready to learn, and a whole new world opened up.I love working with the diverse teams here!"

5. Build and leverage your network:

Levi's role as a connector emphasizes the importance of building and leveraging relationships. Cultivating a strong network across different countries and functions is essential for driving collaboration and success. Levi emphasizes, "I've been able to build those relationships over the years, which helps me to kind of plug my team into the right people and resources to get things done or help in their development.”

Levi’s journey at Stryker serves as a shining example for aspiring professionals looking to thrive in international markets. Her experiences emphasize the value of embracing diversity, continuous learning and seizing opportunities for growth.

Let Levi's story inspire you to navigate new challenges with courage, curiosity and determination as you write your #StrykerStory.

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