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From the NFL to Stryker

Updated: Apr 9

When an NFL career comes to an end, many players announce their retirement. But for the athletes that don’t, you might be wondering “what do they do next”? Do former pro-athletes end up in coaching? Sports broadcasting?

According to LinkedIn data, approximately 20% of retired NFL players end up starting their own business and another 18% end up working in sales. If they come to Stryker, they get the best of both worlds. Our sales professionals have uncapped earning potential and the freedom and flexibility to run their businesses.

Hear from a few of our former NFL athletes to understand more about their transition from professional sports and why they chose Stryker.


Michael Jenkins

Wide Receiver | 8 years in the NFL

Atlanta Falcons, Minnesota Vikings, New England Patriots

“My biggest transferable skill from the NFL to working at Stryker has been my ability to build relationships with individuals from different backgrounds. When you’re with sports, you know, you work with teammates that come from all over the country and you’ve got to find common ground and make it work. You don’t have a choice. It’s the same in the Medical Sales world. You’re working with surgeons, and account managers, the hospital staff, and you need to build those relationships to have a successful partnership.”


Boomer Grigsby, Sales Representative

Linebacker, Fullback, Special Teams | 5 years in the NFL

Kansas City Chiefs, Miami Dolphins, Houston Texans

“My advice to current NFL players who will be retiring soon and are looking for a new job is that it's okay to not be okay. The transition is hard, you are not alone. Call me!"


Samuel Wilder, Sales Manager

Offensive Guard | 3 years in the NFL

San Francisco 49ers, Dallas Cowboys, Indianapolis Colts

“Transitioning from the professional football world, I wanted to be surrounded by individuals and teams that viewed themselves as professionals at their craft. I was lucky enough to find this Stryker family and it's been an amazing 15 years!"


Ryan Steed, Sales Representative

Cornerback | 2 years in the NFL

New York Jets, New Orleans Saints, Pittsburg Steelers

"Transitioning from the professional competitive ranks can be difficult and filled with anxiety. However, the characteristic traits that we as former athletes possess are rare and help us shine bright in an industry filled with competition, overcoming adversity, and persisting when challenges arise. It's been a heck of a ride the past 5 years and it's a privilege to wear the Stryker name badge."

stryker ryan considine nfl

Ryan Considine, Sales Representative

Offensive Line | 1 year in the NFL

Green Bay Packers

“Stryker has provided me a highly competitive and selective organization that rewards performance over anything else. It has also allowed me to develop myself while still fostering a team mentality second only to football, in my experience.”


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