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Meet a few of Stryker's U.S. sales recruiters

Updated: Jan 5

Stryker is constantly seeking amazing sales talent and we want to introduce you to the team behind it all. Meet a few of our U.S. sales recruiters and check out each of their candidate tips to help you join our award-winning workplace.

Meet Joe R.

Senior Sales Recruiter | San Francisco, CA

joe sales recruiter at stryker
  • Recruiting focus area: Orthopaedic Sales and Mako

  • Candidate tips:

1. Research the company ahead of your interview (company website, Google news alerts, read any recent studies or white papers the company has released in the past 12 months).

2. Research the company on LinkedIn (If possible, find 2-3 current employees at the company who are doing the job you are interviewing for, and study their profile & backgrounds. Study the background & career path of the person you’re interviewing with).

3. With all of this information at your disposal, have at least 8-10 questions written down ahead of the interview. You likely will not get to all of them in the interview, but your preparation will be appreciated by the interviewer, your questions will be more substantive, and you’ll have a much more rich and detailed understanding of the company, the opportunity and the type of people who are successful in the role you’re applying for!

  • Fun fact: I once played golf with Joe Montana

Meet Joni D.

Lead Recruiter | Merrick, NY

joni sales recruiter at stryker
  • Recruiting focus area: Orthopaedic Sales and Mako

  • Candidate tip: Tell us about what makes you “you”. We want to hear what makes you unique.

  • Fun fact: Stryker’s social responsibility is awesome. Ask me about some of our programs like K9 for Warriors Program and Operation Smile!

Meet Julia T.

Sales Recruiter | Redmond, WA

julia sales recruiter at stryker
  • Recruiting focus areas: Associate Sales Representatives & Sales Representatives in the Northwest region.

  • Candidate tip: Do your homework. Always research the company and interviewers online before the interviews. Also, send a follow up to thank the interviewers for taking the time to speak to you.

  • Fun fact: I'm a Formula 1 and Motorsports fan. I went to the Inaugural Formula 1 race in Austin, TX 2012.

Meet Holly B.

Lead Recruiter, Sports Medicine | Tusla, OK

holly sales recruiter at stryker
  • Recruiting focus areas: Sports Medicine Sales in the Northeast, MidAtlantic, Southeast, South, and Midwest regions.

  • Candidate tip: Be yourself, be confident, and know why you want to pursue your dream job!

  • Fun fact: I grew up in a town of 294 people!

Meet Samantha R.

Senior Sales Recruiter | Kalamazoo, MI

  • Recruiting focus area: Medical Sales and Field Service

  • Candidate tip: When you answer the phone for a phone interview with a recruiter always start with your name. For example, “Hello, this is Samantha” rather than just “Hello?” This shows professionalism and also helps confirm we called the right number.

  • Fun fact: I can say all the states in alphabetical order in under 16 seconds.

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