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Looking for a sales role at Stryker? Meet some of our U.S. Sales Recruitment team

Updated: Jun 6

Stryker is always seeking amazing sales talent and we want to introduce you to a few of the faces behind it all. Check out each of their candidate tips to help you join our award-winning workplace.

Meet some of the team:

Lead Talent Acquisition Business Partner, Trauma and Extremities Division | United States

  • Recruiting focus area: I recruit for Foot and Ankle, Trauma and Upper Extremities (Orthopaedic) Sales roles in our Trauma and Extremities Division.

  • Candidate tip: Treat your interview as if it's your first sale. Be confident and articulate in selling your skills as the best fit for the role!

  • Best part about working at Stryker: The people. I’m constantly surrounded by the most compassionate, hard-working, authentic individuals who inspire me to grow and do my best every single day. 

  • Reason you love recruiting for sales at Stryker: I resonate with our salesforce; the passion, the drive, the impact they make on patient lives. I love finding out what makes people tick, growing our business and making a positive impact on people's lives.

  • Fun fact: I’m a lead for our Trauma Ortho-Sales Stryker Women’s Network (SWN) and enjoy bringing visibility to our SWN mission of fostering an open and inclusive culture by driving employee engagement! Ask me about some of our initiatives!

Senior Sales Recruiter, Instruments Division | United States

  • Recruiting focus area: I recruit for Sales Representatives & Associate Sales Representatives in the Instruments Division for the Northwest region. Instruments Business Units include:  Craniomaxillofacial (CMF), Ears, Nose & Throat (ENT), Interventional Spine (IVS), Neurosurgical (NS), Surgical Technologies (ST) and Orthopaedic Instruments (OI).

  • Candidate tip: As a candidate, you want to find a role that fits your background and career aspirations, so it is essential to do your homework and research. We encourage candidates to reach out to Stryker Sales Representatives and Associate Sales Representatives on LinkedIn to learn more about the role and day in the life. Also, always ask for next steps after each interview which will show your engagement and enthusiasm for the role. Lastly, sending a thank you follow up email to the interviewers will go a long way. We would expect you to follow up with our customers and might as well start forming a good habit.

  • Best part about working at Stryker: We are so fortunate to work for a global company that fosters employee growth and career development. I am a mergers and acquisitions employee, and I did not have growth opportunities before the Stryker acquisition. Since the acquisition, I received multiple promotions. I feel incredibly lucky to have the career advancement opportunities within Stryker.

  • Reason you love recruiting sales reps: It is always rewarding to collaborate with candidates with diverse backgrounds. I have helped hired a teacher, an Olympian, a Muay Thai boxer, and professional athletes to Stryker which makes my job fun & exciting. Seeing their career progressions within Stryker really fills my bucket.

  • Fun fact: I am a part of the Asian Community Empowerment (ACE) Employee Resource Group where we embrace different cultures and people from a diverse background. At the Redmond campus, we hosted our 10-year anniversary of the Lunar New Year celebration where we had a traditional attire contest, mariachi band, lion dance, martial arts and served international foods.  Ask me about Stryker’s Employee Resource Groups! 

Lead Talent Acquisition Business Partner, Spine Division | United States

  • Recruiting focus areas: I recruit Sales Representatives, Associate Sales Representatives and Clinical Specialists in Stryker's Spine Division covering Core Spine and Spine Enabling Technologies.

  • Candidate tip: Do your research and show up fully prepared, even in the first initial recruiter screen! At the end of the day, each division operates very differently, and you may find in your research that there is a better fit for you within our organization. Remember, your day-to-day revolves around the products you represent and lifestyle of the division you choose. Why not be certain this is the division or position for you when you apply?

  • Best part about working for Stryker: I am sure you will hear this multiple times, but the culture! I received advice when I was younger: "If you are the smartest person in the room, you are in the wrong room." I took that to heart and decided I wanted to be around people who are smart, talented, and hardworking – even more than the standard I set for myself. That is what I have here at Stryker. It motivates me each day and makes me better to be surrounded by people that I look up to and admire! (Added bonus: I have found a company full of dog lovers, like myself!)

  • Reason you love recruiting for sales at Stryker: Personally, I have always been results driven, so naturally I love being able to talk to talented people each day that are hardworking, gritty and love to win. I can totally relate to this mindset, and it makes my job fun! I also really enjoy partnering with all of my amazing Sales and Clinical Leaders in Spine to find top talent to join their team. It brings me great satisfaction and I just love seeing those individuals thrive in their roles months after they start the job!

  • Fun fact: I once helped a manager hire two people at two separate times that ended up becoming the best of friends! If you are looking for a job at Stryker (and possibly even a best friend), I am the matchmaker for you!

Lead Talent Acquisition Business Partner, Trauma and Extremities Division | United States

  • Recruiting focus area: I cover the Foot & Ankle and Trauma teams in the West market (California to Utah).

  • Candidate tip:  Ask insightful questions in the interview and for sales jobs ensure you are closing and asking for the role!

  • Best part about working at Stryker: The best part about working at Stryker is the collaboration. I love the support I receive from my team as well as cross functionally. Everyone is constantly working together. It’s really about the bigger picture and ensuring everyone is moving in the right direction as a whole.

  • Reason you love recruiting for sales at Stryker: Salespeople are some of the most interesting people you will ever meet. They bring a level of energy that is contagious!

  • Fun fact: Much like our sales teams, it hard for me to turn my work off! I’m always recruiting no matter where I am. From the grocery store, library and even concerts! I'm always on the hunt for that next great passive talent.

Lead Talent Acquisition Business Partner, Joint Replacement Division | United States

  • Recruiting focus area: I primarily recruit Joint Replacement Sales Reps and Mako Product Specialists on the West Coast.

  • Candidate tip:  Think about your motivators before your interview. What are your motivations for wanting the position, and what would motivate you to perform well if hired? Motivating factors are unique for each individual, and they are SO important for us to understand more about you during the hiring process.

  • Best part about working at Stryker: At Stryker, we're all doing our part to drive our mission to make healthcare better. Knowing your work is making a positive impact on the lives of our customers' patients is incredibly rewarding!

  • Reason you love recruiting for sales at Stryker: I love recruiting Sales Representatives because they bring a fiery energy and drive that is different from other roles I've recruited for.

  • Fun fact: I was an athlete and had four ACL reconstructions prior to joining the team, so getting hired into Orthopaedics at Stryker was a wild, full-cycle life moment for me!

Lead Talent Acquisition Business Partner, Joint Replacement Division | United States

  • Recruiting focus area: I recruit Sales Associates and Sales Representatives for our Joint Replacement Division and Mako Product Specialists for our Mako Robotics Division.

  • Candidate tip:  Come to your interview having done your homework, researching the company as well as the division you are interviewing with.  Be curious and confident and show us your authentic self.  We want you to get to know Stryker, our people and the products you will represent and we in turn want to get to know you.  Be prepared to speak about the experiences and successes you have had as well as showing us your unique personality.  Come prepared to ask questions!

  • Best part about working at Stryker: I’m sure you have heard it already, it is definitely our people who drive our amazing culture.  Stryker is made up of extremely talented, passionate, hard-working and driven people.  Our culture is special and unique.  We are a results driven company that gets things done steeped in our values of integrity, performance, people and accountability.

  • Reason you love recruiting for sales at Stryker: I am passionate about attracting top talent to Stryker and watching them thrive and grow.  I work with our Sales and Clinical teams daily and their passion, drive and commitment encourage me to strive to be my best.

  • Fun fact: I have worked at Stryker for 14 years and have helped recruit approximately 1500 talented individuals.

Talent Acquisition Manager, Joint Replacement Division | United States

  • Recruiting focus area: I manage a team of recruiters responsible for identifying talent for our Joint Replacement Division including our Mako Sales Business Unit for North America

  • Candidate tip:  Prepare, do your homework and be yourself! Learn a little about the people you're interviewing with and Stryker. Not only will this help you crush the interview, it will also reinforce the reasons you're interested in joining the company and help you make a more informed decision. Let your personality shine throughout the interview process. Sure, you have examples of your past experiences and how they relate to the role you're going for, but your personality is just as important. Connecting with your potential manager and team in an authentic way will help ensure the best fit!

  • Best part about working at Stryker: The culture and people. The extremely talented people drive the amazing culture. We work hard and accomplish some big things and we have fun doing it, which is very important!

  • Reason you love recruiting for sales at Stryker: Our sales representatives propel Stryker toward a successful future by driving our mission in the field with our surgeons, clients and patients. We get to have a direct impact on bringing in the best and brightest to make that possible.

  • Fun fact: My wife is the beneficiary of a Stryker total hip replacement!

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