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Meet Women in Science and Engineering

Updated: Mar 14

Stryker is committed to raising awareness to mitigate bias, acting for equality, and celebrating our employees’ innovation and achievements across our organization. One way we continue to encourage our team members to help us make strides to make Stryker a better workplace for all is through active involvement in our employee resource groups (ERGs).

Fast facts about Women in Science and Engineering (WISE)

Mission: To advocate for the accelerated growth of technical women at Stryker.

Founded: 2012

Where to find WISE: WISE chapters are located throughout the United States, Ireland, Germany, India, and China.

About WISE

In 2012, the initial framework for WISE was started as “Stryker Women Engineers”. In October of 2014 WISE officially became an ERG with 40 members. Today, WISE has over 1,700 members across the globe and continues to elevate women across Stryker.

By focusing on building a culture that fosters innovation, offering access to leadership and developmental opportunities, and setting up programs that align with their mission WISE is making Stryker a career destination for women in science, technology, engineering, and mathematic (STEM) roles.

Living the WISE mission

WISE is dedicated to being a strategic partner in promoting career growth through continuous learning.

WISE lives their mission through:

  • Mentorship opportunities: Our mentorship programs help create a culture that removes barriers and helps women in STEM roles to reach their full potential. Stryker even offers a mentorship program focused on Research and Development!

  • Community events: Globally, our WISE teams share their love of STEM with current students by hosting and attending events focused on the next generation of women talent such as Girls Coding Camp and iWISH among others.

  • Acting as a role model: In addition to events, our WISE team inspires tomorrows tech experts by being involved in various outreach efforts such as “Introduce a Girl to Engineering Day”, a day dedicated to showing girls how engineers can change the world.

  • Wise talk podcast: This podcast works to elevate the voices and perspectives of women STEM leaders creating a shared understanding of their experiences and offering insight to other Stryker employees.

A career destination for all talent

Since starting, WISE has been focused on creating a more diverse and equitable workplace and advancing women in technical roles. Looking into the future, WISE will continue to focus on four areas:

  1. Influence change: Drive a broader culture change with technical leaders by identifying areas to enhance WISE’s culture of diversity and inclusion.

  2. Educate employees: Build an engaged network of WISE members and contributors to share best practices, encourage new ideas and optimize global learning.

  3. Develop women: Develop women through the technical career path by sharing diverse stories that create visibility to possibilities.

  4. Recruit women: Recruit technical thought leaders by amplifying the voices of women in STEM roles.

By building a culture that celebrates creativity and offers our employees the opportunity to learn and grow, we create a more innovative culture for all.

What WISE means to the Stryker team

"Stryker's Mission of Together with our customers we are driven to make healthcare better encourages me to look for all ways to make Stryker an even more amazing place to work. Coaching, mentoring, and learning from others about the unique experience of women in engineering and science motivates me to build a thriving and creative work environment for everyone." - Naomi M. | WISE Member | United States

"I am passionate about the promotion of equality and role models in STEM. I have been volunteering to promote gender equality in STEM since 2002 in different organizations. This was an excellent opportunity for me to know other STEM professionals in Stryker while doing tasks I advocate for." - Magaly M. | WISE Site Lead | Ireland

"WISE programs maintain a small community feel and foster a sense of inclusion, diversity, and belonging, which inspire me to be my true, authentic self. WISE has also strengthened my network and encouraged my development, which in turn has led to further collaborations and product innovations!" - Emily H. | WISE Member | United States

"Being involved in WISE means giving myself and others an opportunity to be our best at Stryker. With all of the events and activities we do, we are able to touch the lives of not only our peers but even others in our community. " - Saijal N. | WISE Member | United States

"Supporting women in science and engineering is something I am very passionate about and is incredibly important for achieving gender equality and equity. Women have historically been underrepresented in these fields and have faced systemic barriers to entry and advancement. By supporting women in science and engineering, we can help level the playing field and create more opportunities for women to succeed." - Carolyn O. | WISE Sponsor | Ireland

"I had just started as a full-time engineer at Stryker and was looking for a group or community that I could resonate with. I had some colleagues who were part of the organization and pulled me in for my first event- speaking at a high school event of girls all interested in STEM careers. That event left me feeling so empowered in making an impact in the women in STEM space that I immediately wanted to be a part of the group." - Ash N. | WISE Member | United States

"WISE gives people with the will and drive to make a change, a platform to do this, including myself. For that I will always be grateful." - Colin L. | WISE Member | Ireland

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