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4 reasons to join the Onsite Specialist team at Stryker

If you have a passion for problem solving, providing high quality customer service and delivering results, then our Onsite Specialist roles may be right for you. Our Onsite Specialists are proactive, always willing to go above and beyond and build relationships throughout their account portfolio. They are responsible for providing clinical surgical support and managing Stryker equipment in operating room settings. These are exciting roles that have a direct impact on patient outcomes.  

Here are 4 reasons to join the Onsite Specialist team at Stryker  

1. It’s a rewarding experience to help improve lives 

“The most rewarding part about my job is working alongside nurses and surgeons to use Stryker equipment to help improve the lives of others” - Alexandra R. | Onsite Specialist | United States


2. Building relationships and keeping things running 

“My day-to-day consists of being in an OR and supporting my hospital staff and surgeons in room with our endoscopy equipment and helping out with anything I can to make our cases run smoothly. It is my job to build relationships with the customer and add value by being helpful and sharing our expertise on our products every day.” - Kayla J. | Onsite Specialist | United States

3. You help represent the company  

“What makes an Onsite Specialist truly successful is our ability to build and maintain strong relationships with our account by providing the best customer service that we can. We’re the face that a lot of people associate with the entire company. So, it’s up to us to represent Stryker in the best way that we can and we do that through building strong relationships and by providing amazing customer service.” - Cameron C. | Onsite Specialist | United States


4. Living our mission 

"The reason I love working on the Onsite Specialist team at Stryker is because I get to live out our mission statement, day in and day out. I get to see firsthand how we at Stryker positively impact patient care and customer relations." - Nate S. | Onsite Specialist | United States  


Ready to join our Onsite Specialist team?  

Check out our open roles and apply today! 



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