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Getting to know Stryker: Project/Program Management Office (PMO)

Stryker's Project Management Office (PMO) team champions excellence in project, program and portfolio management, while continually fostering improvement and ingenuity. Joining the PMO at Stryker provides the opportunity to learn new skills and develop your career based on your strengths and potential. With Stryker’s commitment to innovation and growth, there are always exciting things on the horizon and our PMO is up for the challenge. 

Getting to know Stryker’s PMO 

Project Management 

Project Managers at Stryker are individuals who excel in problem-solving, possessing the ability to identify root causes and recommend comprehensive solutions to prevent future issues. They are dedicated achievers who prioritize quality, thrive in fast-paced environments and ensure projects meet regulations and expectations. They are goal-oriented orchestrators who effectively coordinate employees toward important objectives, prioritizing activities that lead to success. They are charismatic networkers who build meaningful relationships with internal and external partners, and effective communicators who provide regular updates and articulate recommendations to stakeholders and senior management. 

A typical day in Project Management roles might include leading cross-functional engineering teams in planning, coordinating, monitoring and executing new medical device projects, supporting product development from inception to launch, developing project charters and management plans, collaborating with stakeholders to define project scope, and managing project budgets. Furthermore, the Senior Project Manager is tasked with risk management, resource allocation, stakeholder management, and building successful working relationships across departments. 

Program Management 

Program Managers at Stryker oversee a collection of interconnected projects and initiatives that collectively serve a larger strategic purpose or organizational goal. These roles involve aligning various projects to ensure they work cohesively toward achieving desired outcomes. They establish governance structures, manage budgets and resources, and provide strategic direction to ensure the program delivers value to Stryker and our customers. 

With a focus on integration and alignment and working closely with a diverse slate of stakeholders at all levels, a typical day in this role might include coordinating the efforts of individual projects within the program, managing dependencies and ensuring that outcomes align with organizational objectives. Program Managers are responsible for defining program objectives, resolving conflicts between projects and overseeing the overall execution of the program to achieve desired results from start to finish. 


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