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5 ways to achieve healthier work-life integration

Updated: Apr 10

Having integration in your professional and personal life is important for your overall wellbeing and productivity. Stryker’s Chairman and CEO, Kevin Lobo, believes that life has been and always will be a balancing act. Here are 5 ideas from Kevin on how to achieve a healthier integration.

Five tips for work-life integration:

1. Work for a company committed to flexibility

“We have put company focus on creating a flexible work environment to meet the needs of employees and our business. Over the past few years, I have seen numerous examples of flexible approaches across Stryker, including remote work arrangements, part-time schedules, temporary accommodations to support a family crisis and updated dress codes.”

2. Reward delivery of results, not "face time"

As companies get larger, they often allow politics to creep into the work environment. At Stryker, we do not encourage people to show up early and leave late for the sake of appearances. Instead, we value delivering results and taking accountability for our commitments to our customers and teammates.”

3. Be a rigorous time manager

“Challenge the frequency and length of meetings. The most effective meetings are well-organized, crisp and keep everyone actively engaged.”

4. Schedule time for exercise, meals and family time—and take your vacation

“I don’t admire people who say they are too busy to take vacation, as it should be important to everyone and is always possible with good planning. Also, try to disconnect as much as possible during vacation, which helps you to recover and recharge. To keep your energy levels up, choose healthy eating options, eat at regular intervals and exercise. Nobody is too busy to exercise. Also, be open to learn new techniques for efficient workouts.”

5. Have fun at work

“If work feels like a chore all the time, it will throw you out of balance and drain your energy. But if you are laughing and having fun every day, the time goes by more quickly and you’ll have more energy when you go home.”

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