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6 reasons to join a student and grad program at Stryker 

Our internship and rotational programs are ideal for talented students and recent graduates looking to gain valuable hands-on experience.   Starting your career at Stryker will build more than just your resume — it will challenge your knowledge, build your network and drive your career path. Through these experiences you will build a unique foundation on which to build your career, your abilities and your dreams.


Here are 6 reasons to join an internship or rotational program at Stryker: 

1. We have endless learning opportunities  

“There are endless opportunities if I want to know more or learn something from a specific topic, I can just say that to my manager and we try to make it work so I can learn more about it. Also, I enjoy the exposure I get from multiple divisions and multiple positions. Under the SMART internship, I'm doing nine months in sales and nine months in marketing and six months in an enabling function which makes sure I learn everything about the company.” - Tom V. | Intern | Netherlands 


2. We provide comprehensive training and hands-on experience 

“Stryker offers you very comprehensive training. During your training period, you will go through various production departments, get to know the employees and their various tasks more closely, with great emphasis being placed on your personal development. This means you can already participate in real projects during your training and include creativity. After successful completion of your training at Stryker, numerous opportunities are open to you. The practical work also prepares you optimally for your professional future.” - Niklas S. | Apprentice | Germany  

“Throughout my internship, Stryker gave me a well-rounded understanding of what working at a global, award-winning organization is truly like. From doing good work, giving back, opportunities to build connections, and more.” - Cheyenne K. | Sr.  Communications Specialist | Singapore  


3. We support your professional and personal growth  

“Stryker was the only company I ever interned for, and after my amazing internship, I chose to

stay. After 3 years, I continue to be on the same team. Throughout my entire professional career, hard work and dedication have not gone unnoticed here. Stryker has in return shown me their continuous dedication to my career – supporting higher education, and future career goals through mentorship, and providing outside-of-my-day-job opportunities in areas that matter to me, such as on-campus employee resource groups. In your time at Stryker, you are not only building a relationship with your direct team network but become an integral part of the culture and people that make Stryker a great place to work.”- Alexa H. | Sr. Marketing Associate | United States 


“Stryker has a massive advantage when it comes to developing your career. They allow you to grow as an employee, but more importantly, they allow you to pivot and change course. This critical facet of Stryker’s culture creates an environment where your career path leads you to do what you truly enjoy each day.” – Troy C. | Sr. Global Training & Product Launch Manager | Amsterdam 

4. We offer growth opportunities 

I started as an intern at Stryker thinking Recruitment Coordination with our communications

business in Texas would be a steppingstone to other parts of HR - little did I know I lucked out and found a growing part of HR that I was super passionate about! I graduated and landed a recruiter role back home in Canada and then over the years I progressed through roles of increasing responsibility within TA in Canada, the United States, and now APAC.”  - Levi C. | Director, Talent Acquisition | Singapore 


5. Youll work on meaningful projects 

“When I first started this internship, I really expected to just shadow my Sales Representative, but as I progressed through the program, I was actually able to help and serve as a viable asset not only to my Sales Representative, but also to our customers, which was a very cool and unique experience.”  Raelin D. | Sales Intern | United States  

6. You’ll grow your professional network  

“Some of the relationships I developed during my internship resulted in my strongest mentorships and friendships over, what is now, my 15-year career.  Always take the time to meet someone new or help a colleague – those relationships will push you to grow and develop, they will help pave your career path and ultimately lead you to years of success.” -  Adel D. |Sr. Manager, Communications | United States 

“The best part of interning at Stryker was being able to contribute to resolving real issues and networking with other people in various groups of the organization. Eleven years later, I still come across people that I either worked with or developed relationships with during my internship that I need to work with now in completely different roles. My internship really set me up for success in roles that I had after graduation.” – Mike H. | Sr. Manager, Supply Chain | United States 


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