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Fostering growth: 3 tips for embracing internal mobility at Stryker

At Stryker, we grow talent. We aim to have employees join our company, develop professionally and continue to advance in their careers with us. We foster a culture where employees are encouraged and empowered to chart their own professional pathways, where exploring new roles isn’t just a suggestion, but promoted as a way to continue personal and organizational growth.  


Kara F., a Senior Staff Global Quality Systems Engineer, is a perfect example of how our employees are given the autonomy to explore different career options within Stryker. During her 7+ years at Stryker, she’s held four different positions, working in three different Business Units and two different Divisions, all while staying with one company.  

Joining Stryker in 2017, Kara started her #StrykerStory as an Engineer focused on Design Assurance where she contributed to new product development driven by her passion for quality assurance. After spending over five years growing her career in this space, Kara was curious to explore what else Stryker had to offer. Eager to continue making a tangible impact, Kara found herself drawn to working in the operating room, as a Mako Product Specialist (MPS). As an MPS, she worked alongside surgeons, acting as the subject matter expert on our Mako Robot.  After spending a year and a half working in the OR, Kara found herself missing working behind the scenes on providing quality products. She started exploring opportunities to return to her

Stryker roots in Engineering and discovered her current position working as a Global Quality Systems Engineer focusing on mergers and acquisitions for our Medical Division. In her newest role, Kara is once again at the forefront of championing global initiatives while navigating the engineering complexities.    


After using many of Stryker’s resources focused on internal mobility, Kara shared what she’s learned throughout her career journey at Stryker.  


1. Find your passion and follow it 

Kara’s journey at Stryker emphasizes the significance of pursuing endeavors that spark enthusiasm and drive. From her role as a Design Assurance Engineer to her transition into sales and back to engineering, Kara’s unwavering commitment to following her passions has been a guiding force. Each role she took on was fueled by her curiosity and passion for making a meaningful impact. By embracing opportunities aligned with her interests, Kara not only found fulfillment but also unlocked new avenues for growth and development. 

2. Forge meaningful connections 

Networking isn’t just about exchanging business cards; it’s about cultivating authentic relationships that foster personal and professional development. Kara’s experience shows the transformative power of building a strong network. Throughout her career journey, Kara actively sought mentorship and guidance from colleagues and leaders, recognizing the value of leveraging their expertise and insights. Her transition into the sales organization was helped by her network, as she tapped into existing connections to navigate unfamiliar territory. By fostering meaningful connections, she expanded her knowledge base and also opened doors to new opportunities. Each interaction served as a steppingstone in her professional journey, reinforcing the importance of building and nurturing authentic relationships to fuel growth and evolution. 


3. Be your own best advocate 

Kara’s career path shows the impact advocating for yourself can have on your development.

Throughout her career, Kara has voiced her professional aspirations with her leaders, opening conversations around career planning.  


By initiating candid conversations with her manager and mentors, she was able to seek advice and guidance to navigate toward new roles.  By embracing her voice and asserting her goals, Kara empowered herself to shape her own career path and seized opportunities for growth and fulfillment.  


Whether you’re an Engineer looking to pivot into Sales or a Human Resources professional looking to explore Marketing, at Stryker, you’re encouraged to explore new roles and supported in your professional development.  


Ready to start your #StrykerStory?

View open roles and apply today.  




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