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Getting to know Stryker: Spine Division

Our Spine Division delivers the total spine experience, empowering our customers to keep the world moving. Together, we do more to challenge the standard, respond to clinical needs and pioneer new possibilities.

As part of Stryker’s Orthopaedics and Spine Group, Stryker’s Spine Division is made up of two Business Units, Core Spine and Enabling Technologies. By working together to innovate and deliver advanced technologies, these business units provide comprehensive spine care solutions for our customers and their patients, pushing us forward in our goal to make healthcare better.

Spine Division at a glance:

Headquarters location: 600 Hope Pkwy SE, Leesburg, VA

Additional locations: Massachusetts, New Jersey and Ireland

Business Units: Core Spine and Enabling Technologies

Core Spine and Enabling Technologies: How they work together

While Core Spine and Enabling Technologies operate as distinct entities, their collaboration is symbiotic, each complementing the other to elevate the standard of care. Core Spine provides the essential tools and implants necessary for surgical intervention, while Enabling Technologies harnesses the power of digital innovation to enhance surgical navigation, imaging and post-operative monitoring.

This synergy between Core Spine and Enabling Technologies exemplifies Stryker’s Spine Division's commitment to holistic patient care. By seamlessly integrating advanced technologies with time-tested surgical solutions, Stryker’s Spine Division empowers healthcare professionals to deliver unparalleled outcomes for their patients.

6 reasons to join Stryker's Spine Division

1. Our cutting-edge technology

"It's a super exciting time to be working in our Spine Division. It's one of the reasons I came over here to this business unit. Technology in combination with implants, I believe, is the future of medical device. If you were to pick a place where you wanted to be within Stryker, just know that anytime that you can pair incredible technology and implants, that’s where you have real ability to make an impact and be a catalyst for change.” Jason H. |Area Sales Manager, Central for Enabling Technologies | United States

 “I feel extremely excited about the advanced innovative technology that we use to offer surgeons a more minimally invasive and efficient workflow. I am fascinated everyday by the procedures that I get to observe and provide my service in. I love how working with technology provokes continuous advancements to stay competitive in the industry thus allowing us to constantly come up with new ways to provide more advanced care to patients!” – Elisa M. | Clinical Specialist for Enabling Technologies | United States

2. We have a one-of-a-kind culture

“10 out of 10 times I will take my team over the newest widget out there. Our people have a winning mindset (and track record!) they show up and give 110% regardless of how many times they have done that same case with that same clinical team. They act with integrity and do things the right way, even if that makes it harder.” – Jana M. | Regional Sales Manager for Core Spine | United States

"From the culture standpoint, Styker’s Spine Division is unmatched. No matter if you've been here for a day or been here for 18 years, everybody's looking to help everybody else. It’s really a culture of caring for each other."  Jason H. |Area Sales Manager, Central for Enabling Technologies | United States 

“People can come in and feel seen, heard and valued, and they know that they can be their authentic selves.” – Melissa L.| Vice President of Human Recourses for Spine | United States

3. We have strong leadership

“We’ve built a really strong leadership team here at Spine. The President of Stryker’s Spine Division is an incredible, inspiring leader. People just love to work with him. He’s authentic and real and it’s contagious.” – Melissa L.| Vice President of Human Recourses for Spine | United States

4. We're a career destination

“My favorite part about my job and the most fulfilling is the ongoing journey of learning and problem solving to become the best version of myself every day to help improve patient care. The support through my journey at Stryker is like no other. From my first day at Stryker Spine, the team around me has supported and guided me, helping me grow professionally and personally.” – Darryl C. | Associate Sales Representative for Enabling Technologies | United States


“Stryker represents a career destination that values potential and invests in professional development. As someone who initially lacked experience in the medical device industry, I am grateful for the opportunity Stryker provided to mold and mentor me. What sets Stryker apart is its unwavering commitment to customer service, a facet of the company that resonates deeply with me. While certain days present challenges, it is precisely these challenges that make this field so rewarding and special. At Stryker, the core values of integrity, accountability, people, and performance are not just words on paper; they are guiding principles that every member of the company embodies. It is this steadfast dedication to our core values that serves as a constant reminder of what makes Stryker such an exceptional place to work.” – Eric Y.| Sales Associate for Core Spine | United States

5. We have a service-oriented mindset

“I wanted to work in a division where the emphasis was on building strong relationships with my customers.”  – Manoj P. | Senior Sales Representative for Core Spine | United States


“Our competitive edge is our ability to identify our customer’s expectations and needs and support them to get the maximum experience from their investment in Stryker ET (Enabling Technologies). It comes down to the PEOPLE and the service.” – Jared S.| Sales Representative for Enabling Technologies | United States


6. You'll never be bored

It's dynamic, it's competitive…if you are up for a challenge, then spine is where it's at.” – Erica P. | Associate Manager, Upstream Marketing for Spine | United States

Ready to take your career to the next level? Check out our careers page for all available openings with Stryker’s Spine Division:



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