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How medical technology can take your physio career to the next level

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

Former physiotherapist, Avnish Sekhon, changed careers to be immersed in the medical technology world at Stryker and she hasn't looked back. Avnish, now a Mako Product Specialist, explains why she made this decision and how it has taken her career to the next level.

What motivated you to leave your job as a physio and pursue a career in the medical technology industry?

"I have always been passionate about health. As a physiotherapist, I was always driven to do the best for my patients but I’m also the type of person that enjoys being challenged and furthering my skills, and the medical technology sector seemed like a great opportunity for me. I did a lot of research on the sector before making the move and learned that having experience in physio worked really well in the medical technology industry.

I was attracted to Stryker almost immediately because of the quality of its products and the wide range of opportunities to grow my career. The more I read about Stryker, the more I liked it. Features such as its great culture and ongoing training and support were also important. When the opportunity to join Stryker came up, I was ready to take the next step in my career and build on the knowledge and skills I had gained from working as a physiotherapist."

What is your role at Stryker and what are the benefits of having a background in physio?

"As a Mako Product Specialist at Stryker, I work very closely with surgeons to plan cases for theatre. The Mako technology is used by surgeons and has the potential to deliver a more predictable outcome for patients during joint replacement surgery.

My experience in physiotherapy has allowed me to transition into this role quite easily because I already had a good understanding of the biomechanics, anatomy and physiology behind the knee and the hip. This gave me the knowledge and confidence to have discussions with surgeons."

What do you like the most about your job?

"Customers and patients are at the heart of everything we do. What I love most about my job is seeing the outcome of the patients. At the end of the day, helping patients is what inspires me and gets me out of bed every morning, so having this level of involvement is great."

What are some of the qualities that are required to work in the medical technology industry? Do you need to have that clinical background?

"More than technical skills or specific knowledge, Stryker really focuses on your natural strengths and talents – those things that can’t be taught and are unique to you. I think that in order to succeed in the sector, you need to be someone who shows a lot of initiative. The medical technology industry is really dynamic and is constantly changing. Every day is different, so you need to be able to multi-task and juggle a variety of things successfully. You need to be a planner and well organised, but also flexible and adaptable."

What do you like about working at Stryker?

"Stryker has a very fun and energetic culture. It is a place that we all look forward to going to every day. Our team is very close, and in that sense, we are not just colleagues but close friends.

We are constantly in contact with one another and learn from each other’s experiences. We are always sharing solutions and knowledge we’ve picked up on the job.

We all are very driven and high achievers, so as a team, we love to celebrate our successes – and every small win counts. From team celebrations to company-wide parties to celebrating being named one of Australia’s Great Places to Work, there’s always a reason to celebrate each other’s successes."


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