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Meet Paul Bean, Vice President and Managing Director, UK and the Nordics

Registered nurse, trailblazer and global traveler – join us as we hear from Paul Bean on life at Stryker and beyond.


Why did you join Stryker?

I joined Stryker via the acquisition of Physio-Control Ltd in late 2016 as the Business Unit Director for Stryker Medical, so this is technically my 18th year at Stryker. I was delighted to hear Stryker was to acquire Physio-Control, as it's the perfect match from a mission statement perspective, product portfolio and culture. Highly driven individuals committed to making healthcare better. Stryker is one big family and it's a pleasure to be part of it!

What has your journey at Stryker been like and what was the path you took to get where you are today?

Actually, prior to making a transition into the medtech arena, my previous career was as a Registered Nurse working in acute cardiac medicine. Since joining Stryker, I've held numerous positions including Sales, Marketing (both locally in the UK and at our global defibrillator manufacturing plant in Redmond, Seattle) Sales Management, European Business Development, Franchise Country Director and now my current seat of Vice President & Managing Director for UK & Nordics. Sales and marketing play a constant role in my approach to being a manager and a leader. Anchored by our mission to make healthcare better, our customers and patients are always at the heart of everything I do, and this is underpinned by our corporate values of Integrity, Accountability, People and Performance. Nordics is one of the largest regions in EMEA with over 1,000 employees across various regional sites and field teams spanning across 7 Countries - it's a pleasure to work with such talented individuals and share some of their culture and experience across the franchises and enabling functions and my goal is to bring the teams closer together as we take a truly regional collaborative approach to our business over the coming years.

What does a day in your shoes at Stryker look like?

In our new world since the global pandemic began, it can be an eclectic mix of face-to-face and virtual meetings. I much prefer being face-to-face when engaging with both team members at Stryker or our customers. Work is a huge part of my life, so I'm fully committed to a busy day and I like it that way. I may work at our Newbury, UK headquarters which involves an early start around 6am, numerous meetings with sales and operations leaders and team members. Lunch is often on the go, and a mix of jumping in and out of virtual meetings with occasional evening meetings and dinners with the team or customers. Meetings can be related to a diverse plethora of topics like: operations, European Leadership Team, or global interfaces as I'm heavily connected to our Employee Resource Groups and currently hold the position of Co-President for SAFE (Stryker Employees for Equality). I'm passionate about employees being their authentic self at work so it is time well invested.

Do you have any regrets in your career? What would you have done differently?

No regrets, I always live life to the fullest and I feel blessed for the opportunities throughout my career. We cannot change the past so I tend to fully commit to the future.

What advice would you give someone looking to apply at Stryker?

Stryker is an organization full of opportunities, focused on individual development and growth so what could be more rewarding? The Stryker culture is one of passion, drive, and commitment, alongside inclusivity and we are on the forefront of delivering innovative medtech solutions that really make a difference. Stryker is fully invested in it's people, it's one of our core values and career development genuinely is fully available for our highly driven employees and it is so rewarding to be part of such an energizing company.

What is life like outside of Stryker?

It's equally as busy. I do love to spend time with my partner, friends and family, and living in South West London provides lots of opportunities for walking and enjoying a dynamic lifestyle. I love to travel with my partner, Darek, around the world, visiting new places and experiencing new cultures.

Here is a photo in a South American rainforest in Brazil alongside a photo I took of the Great Buddha of Kamakura, Japan.

I enjoy different types of cuisine, both cooking and eating, and I especially enjoy socializing and connecting with friends and family around the world. With my busy lifestyle I appreciate the need to keep fit and mentally well so I am spending more time at the gym, it's not my favorite way to pass time but I'm working on it.

What are you listening to and reading right now?

I love reading when I can find the time. A colleague recommended The Culture Map by Erin Meyer which I'm currently reading. It's an extremely insightful book bringing different cultures together.

Is there anything else you'd like us to know?

My top 5 Clifton Strengths are: Competition, Self Assurance, Strategy, Achiever and Arranger; it's strange but they perfectly reflect who I am. I enjoy self-reflection as a methodology to continually improve and develop both myself and the teams I support. I'm a realist, yet with an optimistic nature.


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