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Meet Stryker’s Environmental Alliance  

At Stryker, we're not just dedicated to enhancing patient and caregiver outcomes; we're equally committed to positively impacting our planet and communities. Our commitment shines through the vibrant activity of our global teams, including Stryker Environmental Alliance (SEA). SEA embodies our collective ambition to educate, engage and empower the Stryker community towards a more sustainable and healthier world.  

Fast Facts about Stryker's Environmental Alliance (SEA):  

Mission: To educate, engage, and empower our Stryker community to positively impact people and our planet. 

Founded: SEA came to life in 2021 and has since sprouted to over 15 thriving chapters across the globe. 

Where to find SEA: With chapters in Ireland, Canada, the South Pacific, across the United States and beyond, SEA's roots extend deeply across Stryker's global landscape.  

About SEA:  SEA emerged from a shared passion among Stryker employees to drive sustainable change and align with Stryker's Corporate Sustainability goals. SEA's formation symbolizes our commitment to building a better, healthier world through actionable environmental stewardship and community engagement.  SEA's chapters are span from the United States to the South Pacific, each tailoring its initiatives to local site needs and community impact projects. These efforts range from trail cleanups and tree planting to hosting educational lunch and learns on topics like fast fashion and composting.  

Fostering engagement and sustainability at Stryker:  SEA is laser-focused on making sustainability an integral part of our culture at Stryker. Here's a glimpse into how SEA channels its passion into action: 

  • Educating for impact: SEA chapters engage employees through sustainability treasure hunts, water stewardship trainings and more, aligning with Stryker's goal to be carbon neutral by 2030. 

  • Community outreach: Many SEA chapters actively volunteer in their communities, enhancing well-being for all through environmental stewardship. These events include park clean-up, hosting sustainably focused farmstands on site and more.  

  • Celebrating achievements:  Creating a more sustainable and healthier world can seem like an insurmountable task at times, so SEA makes celebrating our achievements a priority by sharing even small wins with the larger organization.  

What SEA means to the Stryker Team:

"The SEA network is an amazing opportunity for all employees to make a difference and help Stryker to deliver against our ambitious sustainability goals.  I’m excited about the collective impact that we can deliver for our employees, customers, investors, and our planet!” – Erol O. | SEA Founding Sponsor |  United States 


“The SEA chapters provide us with a platform to engage with our entire site and global network of SEA teams. It is a collaborative and educational journey, where we’re all working towards a sustainable future for Stryker and ourselves. Being a part of the SEA global team is something I am exceptionally proud of and together we are achieving more than we ever thought possible.” - Andrew R. | SEA Member | Ireland 


"SEA is an opportunity to transform my personal passion for giving back to our planet into tangible actions, both big and small. SEA gives an opportunity to minimize our personal and corporate impact and give back to our home planet today and into our future." - Matthew T. | SEA Member | United States 


“As a member of SEA within the Research and Development team, I have a unique opportunity to influence sustainability through product design. This means creating products that are not only innovative but also environmentally responsible. SEA empowers me to take responsibility, take action, and makes me proud knowing that I have a community at Stryker striving to make a difference.” - Brooke M. | SEA Member | United States 


“I joined because SEA presents the opportunity to become involved and make a difference in the world and it's future.  Sometimes in small ways, - but, as we know, small changes can have a ripple effect.” - Marilee L. | SEA Member | United States   

Interested in making a positive impact?  

Check out our careers page for open roles! 




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