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Navigating growth and excellence: Lessons from Rae-Anne Yip, Group VP of HR at Stryker

Meet Rae-Anne Yip, recently appointed Group Vice President of Human Resources for Stryker’s MedSurg and Neurotechnology (MSNT) division.  Rae-Anne's journey with Stryker is a testament to her passion, resilience, and unwavering commitment to growth and excellence. Starting in 2005 as a Sales Analyst within the Spine Division, Rae-Anne transitioned to HR, where she discovered her true calling. Despite leaving Stryker to explore personal and professional growth, the magnetic pull of Stryker's mission and values and the opportunity to make a significant impact led her back.

As Rae-Anne steps into her newest role at Stryker, she graciously shared a few of the invaluable insights gleaned throughout her career.

Here are five career tips from Rae-Anne Yip, Vice President of Human Resources at Stryker:


1.      Embrace opportunities for growth and change

Rae-Anne emphasizes the importance of embracing opportunities for growth and change, even when they may seem daunting or unconventional. Reflecting on her transition from finance to HR, she shares, “Eventually, you have to believe the things that people are telling you about yourself.” Embrace new challenges with an open mind and a willingness to learn. They often pave the way for personal and professional growth.


2.      Build meaningful relationships and networks

Central to Rae-Anne’s career success has been her ability to build meaningful relationships and networks. She advocates for getting close to the business, building relationships and helping deliver results. She aptly says, “You just don't have to go it alone.” Cultivate a strong support system and leverage the power of networking to navigate challenges and seize opportunities. 


3.      Overcome imposter syndrome with self-belief

Imposter syndrome is a common hurdle faced by many professionals, including Rae-Anne. She shares her personal struggle with self-doubt and underscores the importance of self-belief. “With every day or every moment that I have that feeling of doubt, the time it takes for me to say, ‘No, buck up. Let’s go,’ is less and less,” she reveals. Trust in your abilities, acknowledge your achievements, and banish self-doubt with unwavering self-belief.


4.      Prioritize work-life integration

For working parents like Rae-Anne, achieving work-life integration is paramount. She emphasizes the need to find a balance between professional responsibilities and personal priorities. “You have to work smarter, be fully present whatever you’re doing and have some fun,” she advises. Establish routines, set boundaries, find efficiencies and strive for presence—whether at work or at home—to nurture a harmonious and fulfilling life. 


5.      Lead with kindness and consistency

As a leader, Rae-Anne embodies the principles of kindness and consistency, both at work and at home. She takes some of the vital lessons she’s learned from parenting and applies them to her life at work, especially the importance of trust, stability, and compassion. She tells her son every day, “Be kind. Make good choices.” “If we all did that, a lot of things would take care of themselves,” she reflects. Lead with empathy, uphold core values and foster an environment of trust and support.


As Rae-Anne continues to lead with purpose and passion, her story helps inspire others, proving that with determination, adaptability and a supportive community, there’s no limit to what  can be achieved. 

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