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6 reasons to join Stryker in Salt Lake City, UT

Updated: Aug 30, 2021

Life at Stryker in Salt Lake City

Salt Lake City, Utah is home to Stryker Neurovascular, with a 137,000 square-foot, state of the art facility and a nationally renowned “hands-on” medical device physician training center. This personalized training experience features our fully equipped iSuite, an outfitted bioskills lab, cutting-edge meeting rooms and more.

We invite you to join our diverse workforce where you can take advantage of flexible work arrangements, outstanding benefits, ping pong table, spectacular mountain views, and our employee fitness center—we even have a climbing wall! And this is all within a short drive from the airport or downtown!


Our Salt Lake City office at a glance:

  • Office address: 4870 2100 S Suite B, Salt Lake City, UT 84120

  • Number of employees: 500+

  • Main business: Neurovascular

  • Main functions: Manufacturing and Engineering


Here are 6 reasons to join our family in Salt Lake City!

1. The Stryker Learning Center

We have access to world-leading physicians through the Stryker Learning Center. In an age where medicine and technology are constantly changing, this lets us stay connected to our customers and continue to grow ourselves.

2. The diverse people

“I like the diversity of people who work here and how happy and friendly they are. There are two long hallways upstairs and downstairs that I call the “howdy hallways” because most people smile, look you in the eyes, and say “Hi.” That sounds trivial, but my former job had unhappy people." – Karma W.

3. On-site fitness center and climbing wall

Our facility includes a full-size gym and even a climbing wall to promote our employee’s health and wellness.

4. Flexible work hours

“I am a single mother and at Stryker, they work with my schedule and allow me to be there for my daughter whenever I need to be.” – Christine N.

5. Ping Pong matches

Our employees know how to have fun. We enjoy spending time together and find many ways – both planned and spontaneous – to celebrate with each other, including taking a break from work and challenging each other in a game of ping-pong.

6. The views

We have a beautiful, panoramic view of the mountains from our cafeteria.


Fun Fact

Salt Lake City has a vibrant and active local gay community and was named the #1 Gayest City in America by The Advocate.


Interested in joining our family in Salt Lake City, UT?

Check out our current job opportunities and apply today!

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