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7 reasons to join Stryker's Sales team

Updated: Jun 3

Are you in the market for a sales job that helps make a real impact? Good news, we’re hiring. Stryker’s sales professionals sell products that improve healthcare and patient’s lives around the world. Our diverse array of innovative products and services in MedSurg, Neurotechnology, Orthopaedics and Spine help improve patient and healthcare outcomes. By working with our customers, Stryker impacts more than 150 million patients each year.  

Our Sales Representatives careers are fueled by ambition and their passion for healthcare innovation. At Stryker, you're not just joining a team; you're embracing a culture of performance, collaboration, and unwavering dedication to making healthcare better. With the freedom to run your own business, your role is pivotal in strategically promoting and selling Stryker's cutting-edge products.  

Here are 7 reasons to join Stryker’s Sales team

1. We value you as a person and an employee 

“Stryker has been so supportive of me as an employee and as an individual. During my time here, I have led a full and varied career due to the opportunities at Stryker and the internal support system”.  -  Claire A. | Regional Manager | Australia  


“At Stryker, I've found the perfect balance in my career – competitive compensation, a supportive culture, and a work-life balance that allows for personal time. This is a level of fortune I hadn't experienced in any other company, making Stryker a truly exceptional workplace." -  Omar B. | Interventional Spine Sales Representative | United States  


2. We recognize the value of transferable skills 

"When I transitioned from being an athlete, medical sales was suggested to me. I found my connection at Stryker, got addicted to the culture, and started cutting my teeth in orthopedic trauma. It felt perfect, like a team of like-minded individuals striving for excellence – much like my life as an athlete." -  Beau E. | Regional Manager | United States 


"Stryker is dedicated to finding and nurturing talent, offering opportunities for advancement and growth within the organization. By attracting individuals with diverse backgrounds, including those with military experience, we ensure a team of high-quality individuals committed to achieving collective success." – Bill N. | Interventional Spine Sales Representative | United States  


“Prior to making the transition to Stryker, I was a Physical Therapist for 7 years. The transition from treating patients in the clinic setting to helping patients and physicians in the OR was nearly seamless. -  Joe P. | Upper Extremities Sales Representative | United States  


"Coaching prepared me for the detailed preparation and relationship-building required in medical sales. At Stryker, these skills are valued and celebrated." – Chris S. | Interventional Spine Sales Representative | United States  


3. Each day is new and exciting  

“If you work for Stryker, no two days will be the exact same. You will continuously learn, you will be pushed to be better in all that you do, and you will work as a team like you never have before. The feeling of gratitude and pride when you cross that finish line with your teammates is unlike anything you've experienced. And most importantly, at the end of the day, we are working for the most noble cause, which is driving to make healthcare better.”  

Jack E. | Trauma Sales Representative | United States  


“As a Sales Representative at Stryker, I love how dynamic my job is. I get the ability to work with a range of different stakeholders in the hospital. Seeing the benefits our products make in medical to our customers and their patients is so rewarding and keeps me motivated every day.” -  Charlotte T. | Sales Representative | United Kingdom  


4. Brand recognition  

“My favorite thing about Stryker is the pride and respect that comes with wearing that Logo on any piece of clothing. There is a profound respect by clients and competitors for Stryker employees due to the rich history and foundation Stryker has built within the medical industry. I take pride in carrying out services and business that allows this respect to continue to grow.” -  Tanner M. | Upper Extremities Sales Representative | United States 


"The recognition of Stryker in hospitals is unmatched. Simply having the Stryker name on your business card opens doors and initiates conversations." -  Sam E. | Account Manager, Orthopaedic Instruments | United States  


5. Our culture – yes, even in the field  

“Even though I work in the field, I don’t feel like I’m on an island. We’re all in this together and I know I can reach out to anyone – even to just have a conversation.” – Milton R. Craniomaxillofacial Sales Representative | United States  


“I LOVE the culture of Stryker. I consider this the varsity of sales. The competition, the drive to succeed, and helping our customers and their patients all tied into the fabric of the company.” -   Matt B. | Trauma Sales Representative | United States  


“I love the culture, the people, and the incredible training opportunities that we have. It is so much fun to be on a winning team that doesn't settle for anything but the best.”  – Mallory F. | Regional Sales Manager, Upper Extremities | United States  


6. The autonomy to do your job 

"The autonomy at Stryker is unparalleled. I feel like I'm running my own business, making decisions that impact both my success and the lives of our customers." – Shannon C. | Executive Sales Representative, Craniomaxillofacial |United States  


7. The people you work with 

"One of my favorite things about working at Stryker is the people. “People” are one of our four core values, and it's the relationships we build that keep us motivated and excited to come to work every day. It's not just about the job; it's about the people you work with."  

Kevin N. | ENT Sales Representative | United States 


"What kept me here for 15 years is not just the job – it's the Best Friend at Work culture. We're not just colleagues; we're a community that works together, supports one another, and genuinely wants to spend time together outside of work." – Austin M. | Orthopaedic Instruments Regional Manager | United States  


Ready to join our team?

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