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Corporate responsibility at Stryker: Growing better together

Updated: Apr 8

At Stryker, we believe in growth that enriches lives, fosters belonging and nurtures talent and diversity. It's a growth powered by innovation and deeply rooted in the relationship between a healthy planet and human well-being.

Our ambition to create a healthier world isn’t simply centered on the size of our organization. It’s also focused on the lives we touch. We’re not just growing a business; we’re scaling our impact. When we grow sustainably and with integrity, the positive influence we can make is exponential.

Our corporate responsibility objective is to positively impact people and our planet through responsible, sustainable practices that create a better, healthier world. This objective is supported by three pillars: stronger people, healthier planet and good business.

Here are some of the ways we achieve this objective:

1. Stronger people: Strengthening the people we serve

At Stryker, we’re committed to serving our communities and creating a healthy, diverse, equitable and inclusive workplace where employees thrive. We are in the business of providing healthcare solutions that strengthen outcomes for our customers and their patients. Our dedication expands to all the lives we touch – whether it’s our employees, our customers, their patients or the communities we serve around the world.

People is one of the core values at Stryker; we often say, ‘we grow talent’. We do this by creating opportunities for our employees to learn, contribute, belong and make a difference. In addition to developing employees’ skills and expertise, we empower employees to volunteer, mentor others and find ways to connect with each other and the world around them.  

Our team members care deeply about the well-being of people in the communities we live and work in. Stryker invests in social impact programs through the lens of equity within four focus areas: (1) advancing healthcare, (2) supporting education, (3) improving environmental health and (4) enriching community culture. When employees volunteer their time and talents in these areas, the impact of our community investment is amplified.

This growth mindset helps us attract passionate, driven employees who act with integrity and help us deliver remarkable results.  


2. Healthier planet: Protecting our planet

We believe making healthcare better requires setting and achieving measurable sustainability goals that reflect our responsibility to protect the environment, and the health of current and future generations. We are currently focused on lowering operational carbon emissions, reducing waste and focusing on sustainability from the start.

One way we’re working toward our commitment to sustainability is through Stryker’s Environmental Alliance (SEA), an employee community group. SEA is dedicated to educating, engaging and empowering our Stryker community to positively impact people and our planet through sustainable practices and actions to create a better, healthier world.


3. Good business: Doing business the right way

Our values of integrity, accountability, people and performance guide our actions and decisions every day. We’re committed to holding ourselves accountable for reaching our corporate responsibility goals in a way that aligns with our mission and values.

Our code of conduct (COC) is an essential guidepost for everything we do at Stryker, clearly defining standards for our operations, decision making and everyday practices and processes. The COC serves as a reminder that we do what’s right, for our people, for our customers, for our communities and for our company.


4. We all have a part to play

We believe that doing business ethically and transparently requires a team effort. From the boardroom to the breakroom, and everywhere in between, corporate responsibility is a shared responsibility at Stryker. This commitment to corporate responsibility extends to our business partners as well.

In 2022, we published our Position on Human Rights that outlines our commitment.  Not only do we hold our own employees accountable for doing what’s right, we also expect third parties, including indirect channels, suppliers, vendors and contractors doing business with Stryker, to share our commitment to safeguard human rights.


What's next?

Interested in learning more about Stryker’s commitment to corporate responsibility? Visit our comprehensive report for the latest facts and figures.


Ready to see what role you can play in helping us achieve our goals?


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