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From football to Stryker, Amy shares 4 lessons she’s brought with her along the way

Updated: Mar 15

At the intersection of sportsmanship and healthcare innovation lies Amy's career journey. A former football star, Amy's passion for healthcare was ignited by her personal experience with multiple knee surgeries.

After eight years as a professional athlete, Amy traded her cleats for a career at Stryker, and just like her time on the football field, , her time at Stryker has been filled with accomplishments, growth, and determination.

Transitioning from an illustrious football career to a corporate role might seem like a dramatic shift, but that hasn’t been the case for Amy.

After retiring from international football in 2015, she embarked on a dual path: playing semi-professionally while taking on the role of Territory Manager in Australia. The learning curve was steep, but Amy embraced every moment, applying her takeaways from her career as a sportsperson to her role at Stryker.

Amy shares how the lessons she learned as a professional athlete have set her up for corporate success.

1. Take pride in your work

"As a footballer, I was always trying to perfect every element of my game and felt my performances were a reflection/extension of myself, so it is important to take pride in how you present and what you do. Football also taught me to be incredibly resilient, there will always be highs and lows and you need strategies in place to deal with either.”

2. Be adaptable

Amy's transition from the sports world to Stryker paints a picture of success. "I have found the transition to Stryker from sports to be a wonderful journey," she shares. Athletes thrive on autonomy and the drive to succeed – traits that are seamlessly transferable to sales. "Sports people often have the strategies and the work ethic to find a way – to learn, to grow, to adapt, and to inspire," Amy reflects.

3. Prioritize finding balance between work and family

As a full-time working mother and a football commentator, the need to find balance is paramount. Amy's advice revolves around time management and prioritization: "Time management has always been key for me, and always prioritizing the things that fill your cup outside of work." By knowing when to prioritize her various responsibilities, Amy has been able to build a successful career as a Regional Sales Manager and still be involved in professional sports. In fact, Amy served as co-commentator for the Women's World Cup 2023.

4. Think positive, be positive

Amy's life motto encapsulates the essence of her journey: "I have always lived by the notion that there is nothing more powerful than positive energy. When you enter a room, try to lift the energy and leave people feeling lighter – you will be remembered by how you made people feel."

In the heart of Amy's story lies a powerful message of taking the lessons you’ve learned throughout your life and applying them to your next role. Amy embodies the notion that a career is indeed a marathon, not a sprint. Her journey underscores the transformative power of applying sports-derived principles to the world of business, a path that continues to inspire athletes considering a career switch.



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