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Learning the ropes: A Stryker intern story 

Updated: Apr 12

Cheyenne K. | Communications Intern | Singapore

Before her final year at Nanyang Technological University, Cheyenne joined Stryker as a Communications Intern in Singapore, but Cheyenne is no stranger to internships. Having interned with two other companies before joining Stryker, it’s been Cheyenne's experience that internships offer a great way for students to get a taste of what awaits after graduation.

Stryker’s work flexibility model allowed her to work a 3-day week that accommodated her studies which helped her make the best of her time professionally. Other learning opportunities came in the form of hands-on involvement with day-to-day projects that contributed directly to the business. A high point of Cheyenne’s internship was the level of responsibility she felt, “my manager trusted my decisions and ideas”. This gave Cheyenne confidence in her role as not just an intern, but also as a valued member of the team.

Starting a new role at a company can be overwhelming, “It takes a while to get used to a new company and to understand it. Exploring the different internal resources helped so much!” If information wasn’t available on Stryker’s internal platforms, Cheyenne leaned on her colleagues to help provide insight, “I quickly learned to always ask questions!” As the saying goes, all questions are good questions and Cheyenne found valuable help and insight through her curiosity. Connecting with her colleagues in person also helped Cheyenne quickly connect the pieces, “I encourage future interns to come to the office even if they’re on a hybrid model! I met so many people, created connections, and really felt Stryker’s culture by coming in.” Putting in the time and effort to learn about Stryker’s businesses, processes, and employees helped Cheyenne quickly on-board and make the most of her internship.

Stryker’s commitment to corporate social responsibility was another element of Cheyenne’s internship that left a lasting impression. She participated in Stryker’s annual “Go The Distance” event where Stryker employees across Asia Pacific run, hike, or cycle to raise funds for Operation Smile. This strongly resonated with Cheyenne’s passion for giving back to the community.

Throughout her internship, Cheyenne gained more than hands on work experience. She discovered tips and tricks that helped her make the most of her time here. “It was daunting at first, but I learned not to be afraid to reach out to people, even across different time zones.” This gave her exposure to the wider team and allowed her to build her Stryker network.

While her internship with Stryker wasn’t her first, it left a lasting impression “Stryker has given me a well-rounded understanding of what working at a global, award-winning organization is truly like. From doing good work, giving back, opportunities to build connections, and more.”

What will your #StrykerStory look like?

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