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Meet Allies for All Abilities

Updated: Oct 18, 2023

Stryker continues to strive to build an inclusive, engaging work environment where employees’ differences are not just embraced, but celebrated. The varied backgrounds of our team members helps us create an environment where innovation thrives.

When employees feel comfortable sharing their diversity of thought and unique perspectives and come to work as their authentic selves, we all win. One way we continue to make strides to support all employees is through our employee resources groups (ERGs).

Fast Facts about Allies for All Abilities (3A):

Mission: Make positive changes in the lives of employees, families, and communities with visible and invisible disabilities.

Founded: 2020

3A around the world: 3A can currently be found throughout Europe, India, the United States, and Costa Rica.

About 3A

Initially founded in 2020, inspiration for 3A struck when a Stryker employee saw first-hand how finding the right support for his daughter’s dyslexia transformed her life from struggling to thriving. At that moment he thought “this is something I would like more people to have access to,” he took the steps to explore creating an ERG focused on creating a Stryker-support system for employees with disabilities, those who act in a caregiver capacity, and the larger community.

A little less than three years later, 3A has an active presence across Stryker’s global footprint. Instead of formal chapters, 3A has ambassadors (employees who are passionate about 3A’s mission and helping their peers) at various locations who are accessible to all – whether it is a physical presence or virtual. 3A can currently be found in our offices (physical or remote) throughout Europe, India, Costa Rica, and the United States.

Living the 3A mission

How is 3A fulfilling their mission to make positive changes in the lives of those impacted by a disability?

In 2022, Stryker sites hosted events including (but certainly not limited to) “Celebrate All Abilities Walk/Run” in Cary, IL, Mental Health Week in Ireland, 3A kickoff events in Portage, MI and Warsaw, Poland! All employees, including those who are remote or work in the field, have been invited to virtual happy hours to connect with 3A, and received on-demand content to learn more about disability inclusion and ways to connect with their peers across Stryker who are involved in this ERG.

Stryker's "Did you know?" wall in Cary, IL

3A’s commitment to education and providing resources is not limited to hosting events. There are smaller, daily reminders as well. If you happen to find yourself in Cary, Illinois make sure to check out our “Did you know?” wall featuring facts about different disabilities and ways to provide accommodations.

A career destination for all talent

Even though 3A is one of our newer ERGs, they have already made a lasting impact on Stryker and our culture. In 2022, Disability:IN named Stryker as one of the Best Places to Work for disability inclusion. This acknowledgment is a tribute to the efforts 3A is taking to remove barriers for team members with visible and invisible disabilities and to make Stryker more inclusive for all.

3A continues to encourage Stryker employees from all divisions, levels, functions, and geographies to join and be active. Together, our members are working to make community connections, establish partnerships, and provide a space for employees with shared interests to connect and share accessibility resources.​ 3A Ambassadors are focused on building allyship and creating an environment for employees to learn from those whose abilities and experiences are different from their own.

We are proud of the work 3A has done and continues to do in advancing disability inclusion. By identifying and improving processes to reinforce our commitment to disability inclusion we can help create an environment where people perform at their best.

What 3A means to the Stryker team

"I am involved in 3A because I am passionate about helping others within the Stryker organization and our communities. I am in a privileged position where giving some of my time and effort to 3A can significantly impact people's lives. I enjoy the passion I feel in the 3A teams across Stryker, where we are constantly learning, inspiring and driving change in the area of disabilities.

Our mission states we are driven to make healthcare better, and this starts from within. Many times, our friends, family members and even ourselves are the customers of the products we provide, and our organization is constantly evolving to represent the communities we serve. My passion for 3A is driven by my belief that we can all do with a helping hand sometimes and that we need to be understanding and show empathy for those who may need our support. 3A is a fantastic Employee Resource Group that allows people with a shared interest to find ways to support and enable those with apparent and non-apparent disabilities.

A leader once said, "With success comes responsibility," and I am delighted to be part of the 3A team, knowing that the work we do and the advancements we achieve make Stryker a top destination for talent." - Pat O. | Americas Chapter President | United States

“I want to ensure people have the necessary tools and support to live the type of life they want to live. 3A is a way to extend our reach, support and knowledge of disabilities throughout Stryker and our families. As a recruiter for Stryker’s workforce, I encourage individuals with disabilities to reach out and learn more about our company. Creating a workforce that empowers individuals who are different makes our culture unmatched and why 3A is so important. In Stryker’s community. Together, we will embrace our differences, break barriers, educate others and lead change.” – Fallon D. | United States

“The mission of 3A reminds me that whatever our circumstances, we can lead with grace in service to others and strive to bring our best selves to work every day.” – Julie S. | United States

"My hope is that by sharing my story and taking an active role in 3A I can help to further normalize conversations related to having a disability or caring for a loved one and be a resource to others who may be facing a similar situation in their life." - Lauren K. | United States

"Being active in 3A means that we can help our talented employees facing the challenges of disabilities themselves of in their families be their best selves at work and at home. I am confident that this work will make us an even better and stronger company." - Mike C. | United States

 “I’ve seen firsthand how simple accommodations can help people achieve great things. We encounter people every day with different abilities, and they deliver great results and do great things. Sometimes people need accommodations to perform at their best – all people, not just those with disabilities. Raising awareness, reducing stigmas, and motivating changes are my goals as an ambassador.” – Paul R | United States

Learn more about Stryker and our culture by joining our talent network.


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